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Our tech show brings together two tech gurus to chat it up on the monthly podcast that we like to call TechnoBabble. Joe Dugandzic has been friends with Bradly McComb for over ten years and they are always talking about the latest tech gadget, news story or how to do some impossible task and make it easy. Joe’s been in the IT world professionally for many years and Bradly has always been a savvy user of tech from as early as he can remember. The show is partially modeled after the other ‘big’ tech shows like Buzz Out Loud and Tech News Today, but we put our own QTalk America spin on it and try to focus it local to our community whenever possible. The latest crazy tech news, trends, gadgets, Apple rumors and much more!

TechnoBabble #21: Are You Excited For Windows 8?

TechnoBabbleSpaceX launches a new era of space cargo flights, Windows 8 is _finally_ set for launch (who’s excited?), Brad has iPhone 5 fever, AMD is set to lay off up to 30 percent of its workforce AND it’s iPhone 5 camera-purple-haze-gate!  All that and more on this episode of TechnoBabble.

TechnoBabble is QTalk America’s very own technology news, reviews and everything-gadgets talk show.  Recorded LIVE at 2:30pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.  We want your feedback!  Email us at or leave us a voicemail at 888-791-9294.

TechnoBabble #20: Waiting 10 hours in line for an iPhone 5…

TechnoBabbleJoe tells us his tale of waiting overnight for an iPhone 5, was it worth it?  Plus, interviews from others waiting in-line on that sleepless night.  What we think of the goofs in Apple’s new Maps system (and Tim Cook’s apology), iOS 6 round-up review, iPhone 5 review, Apple TV update, what we think of the new Galaxy Note II and more.   We want your feedback!  Email us at or leave us a voicemail at 888-791-9294.

TechnoBabble is QTalk America’s very own technology news, reviews and everything-gadgets talk show.  Recorded LIVE at 2:30pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month (new schedule effective Oct 2012).

TechnoBabble #19: Yes, it’s the iPhone 5

TechnoBabbleWe return from hiatus with the whiz-bang of Apple’s iPhone 5 announcement.  We talk about the details of the iPhone 5, and what it means to the current set of smartphones that are on the market.  What will the next ‘big thing’ that will re-ignite the mobile device market?  Have we hit a ‘boring’ time in the market where mobile devices have become a commodity and are no longer exciting?  We want your feedback!  Email us at or leave us a voicemail at 888-791-9294.

TechnoBabble is QTalk America’s very own technology news, reviews and everything-gadgets talk show.  Recorded LIVE at 2:30pm on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month (new schedule effective Oct 2012).

TechnoBabble #18: SpaceX launches a Dragon!

TechnoBabbleThis week, SpaceX made history with the first commercial spacecraft to successfully be launched into orbit, hook-up with the International Space Station and safely return to earth.  Our friend Chris Kurtz from the Mars Spaceflight Facility at ASU joins us to talk about what the impact this gives to the future of commercial spaceflight and to our exploration of space in general.

Oh yeah, plus we’ve got the latest tech headlines, not the least of which is the “dud of an IPO” that Facebook pulled recently and what we think might come out of Apple’s upcoming WWDC event.  And, a review of the totally awesome Milo Micro-Suction Smartphone Desk Stand.  No, it’s not a vacuum cleaner, you’ve gotta see this thing to believe it!

TechnoBabble #17: Facebook finally goes IPO!

TechnoBabbleWe recorded this the night before Facebook’s, um, dud of an IPO, so we’re glad to have a little perspective as we’re posting it late.  We’ve got a great show for you with the latest tech news headlines, trends and rumors.  Follow the helpful links below from the show!

Fantastically FAST;cnetRiver

Green News / Environment

Space, The Final Frontier

Science News


TechnoBabble #16: Rubber Chickens in Outer Space!

TechnoBabbleOn this edition of TechnoBabble: Are we truly ready to plan a mission to Mars?  Why did NASA send a rubber chicken into orbit?  Who will Facebook buy next?  And can the ‘hover-pods’ from the Jetsons become reality?  All this plus the latest tech headlines and our ‘educated speculation’ on the show!

(Handy links below to stories covered and not covered on the show)

Fantastically FAST

New Segment: Guess That Acquisition!

Our best guesses on what tiny little company will be snatched up by a giant tech company for some astronomical price!  (with some comedy involved)

Space, The Final Frontier

Science News

TechnoBabble #15: Zoom and Enhance Grid 9A! (The Lytro Episode)

TechnoBabbleOn this episode of TechnoBabble, yep, our secret is out!!  QTalk America teamed up with Lytro to create the 2012 Pride in Living Pictures Photowalk and a whole lot more!  Oh yeah, we do cover some tech stories on the show, but we’re honored to have an interview with Eric Cheng, Director of Photography at Lytro.  We talk about the technology behind Lytro’s amazing new light field camera, what it holds for the future (holodecks, anyone?) and even the reverse of a light field camera.

Come meet Joe and Bradly and all the hosts from QTalk Arizona at the Phoenix Pride Festival April 21-22, enter to win a Lytro camera and try out the Lytro at our booth!


Stories covered in the show:

TechnoBabble #14: Flashback–OMG, Volume K is Here!

TechnoBabbleOn this week’s show, Brad admits to having a ‘fanboy moment’ and running out to get the new iPad on Friday while Joe sticks with his iPad 2.  We do actually manage to talk about non-iPad topics on the show, including talking about Windows 8 and the new Metro interface.  Does it excite us?  More importantly, does it excite you?  Oh, and did you have Encyclopedia Britannica when you were growing up?  Now it’s all-digital.  All this and much more on this edition of TechnoBabble!

Follow Joe on Twitter @Nidocamen and Bradly on Twitter @iBradly

Rumors Abound!

iPhone 5????  “The new iPhone”???Major Discussion Points

Camcorder or smartphone or tablet?  Decisions, decisions…

TechnoBabble #13: What lies beyond the iPad?

TechnoBabbleOn this episode, both “guys from the office” join us in-studio.  We’ve just learned about the Apple ‘event’ in San Francisco scheduled for next week, and we’re assuming that it will be the iPad 3 that will be revealed.  And, it will be the first product launch / keynote event since the death of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

But beyond just the news and the headlines, where are we really headed with all these portable devices?  Technology is racing toward catching up to sci-fi movies, but where is it taking us as human beings?  How will we interact with each other in the coming years?  And is that interaction, or lack of it, taking away part of our humanity?  We engage in a lively discussion on this very topic!


Here’s our helpful links and stories from the show:

Fantastically FAST

Google Music not living up to expectations

LightSquared asks for more time from FCC to contest ruling


Space, The Final Frontier

Japan plans snail-paced space elevator for 2050


Science News


Power Felt could one day run iPod from body heat


Off Beat

Kinect on shopping cart  (the future of grocery shopping at Whole Foods!)

Play AngryBirds with a real USB slingshot (not covered on show, but still pretty cool!)


Rumors Abound!

Apple sends out invitations for March 7 “iPad” event in San Francisco



Cool Android App “Is It Busy There” that a friend of ours developed

TechnoBabble #12: SOPA Be Gone!

TechnoBabble: Tech News, Trends, Reviews and More!On this edition of TechnoBabble, new QTalk Arizona production guy Patrick Gamble joins us as we talk about the latest tech headlines and rumors.  We also engage in a lively discussion on SOPA/PIPA and Internet censorship.  But also, we ask the question “how can the big copyright-holding media companies give us what we want so we can be legal?”  Easy — make all content available via streaming or ‘cheap’ purchase!

Join us for this great episode — here’s helpful links to stories that we cover in the show.

Fantastically FAST

For carriers, the iPhone is a bittersweet drug

Apple to reward employees with hefty product discounts

iPhone 4S helped Apple inch past Android last quarter

AT&T CEO blasts FCC bureaucrats for tanking its T-Mobile deal  (waa, waa!!)

Steve Jobs Ranks as #2 Innovator of All Time Among Young Adults

Apple’s supply tactics under fire

Fresh Local Tech

Obama talks tech jobs in AZ campaign swing

Arizona Heart: Three Advanced Technology Operating Rooms With …

Arizona SCITECH Festival / Geeks Night Out — Help QTalk AZ get a spot at RapidPitch, ‘like’ our video!

Space, The Final Frontier

High-def ‘Blue Marble’ photo of Earth

Science News

Cloak’s on you: Scientists create ‘invisible’ object (only invisible to microwave ovens!)

Off Beat

Flower power: Ford interiors made of tropical plant

Rumors Abound!

Rumor: iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen expected this summer 

Facebook IPO next week?


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