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Nathan OUTloud is the personal podcast series of our very own Nathan Treanor from “Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!” He began podcasting in 2009 (before QTalk even existed) and his episodes feature interviews with local politicians, musicians, authors and other people of interest to the LGBT community. He joined forces with QTalk America for additional distribution of his episodes, but be sure to check out his own website for potential future episodes.

Episode 5: Kim Pearson from TransYouth Family Allies

In episode 4, I discussed the events from the “Rob, Arnie & Dawn Show” on KRXQ in Sacramento, California that started with the May 28th show. In response to that, along with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, Kim Pearson from TransYouth Family Allies lead the effort to ensure that KRXQ and Rob & Arnie be held responsible for the words and tone of their show and their follow-up response.

Kim Pearson is Executive Director/Co-Founder of TransYouth Family Allies (TYFA) and National Board President of PFLAG-TNET. She first directed her energy into GLBT support, advocacy and education as the founder and president of her local PFLAG Chapter when the youngest of her three children came out as lesbian in 2005. Eighteen months later she found herself facilitating that same child’s transition to living life as a young man. Fueled by her passion for ensuring respect and equal rights for children like hers she co-founded TYFA, the first and only national organization that supports, educates and advocates exclusively for gender variant and transgender children. In its short history TYFA has provided support to over 100 families, and training to hundreds of GLBT organizations, service professionals and government officials all over the United States. TYFA and their families have been featured on several local/national radio programs, national/regional television and numerous print articles.

You can also find TYFA on facebook.

You can find the story that started this discussion by visiting

For the statement and to listen to the entire show from June 11th that featured Kim and Autumn Sandeen, click here.

To follow the whole story, go to the GLAADblog.

You can find the book discussed on the show “The Transgender Child: A Handbook for Families and Professionals”.

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Episode 4: Tom from Ramble Redhead Show & Singer/Songwriter Tom Goss

Episode 4 features a coming out story and interview with Tom from Ramble Redhead Show. Tom has been doing his podcast for over 4 years and has completed nearly 300 episodes. You can check out all of the podcasts on his website at You can also find his podcasts in iTunes.

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Tom Goss’ “Back To Love” is a collection of edgy alt/pop songs that are literally about love—not always romantic love, but the many faces of love. He has built on the success of his first national tour with acclaimed singer/songwriter Eric Himan in 2008, as well as the production and release of his first video, which was featured nationally and eventually rose to #2 on MTV LOGO’s The Click List.

“I wanted to create something that was instantly accessible,” says Goss. “Something that would touch a wide audience, and something that was fast and clean but also carried a concrete message.”

As a gay man, he wanted to deliver a message about societal and religious perceptions of what love means to a gay person, as well as his family’s love and failed love, including the divorce of his parents. Goss also learned a lot from his recently deceased grandfather, whom he says loved his grandmother “more than I have ever seen anyone love.” He adds that “Back To Love” breathes speaks, and aches like nothing I have ever done before.”

Goss, who grew up in Kenosha, Wisconsin, moved to DC in 2004 to enter Catholic seminary in hopes of becoming a priest. After that didn’t go as planned, Goss later found himself through his charity work and through his partner, and began to make music a full-time ambition. His debut, album, Naked Without, was released in 2006 and was followed by Rise in January 2008.

Goss plans to hit the road in support of Back To Love, delivering the message of his new album to a wide range of listeners. “I want people to listen to “Back To Love” and leave with a sense of hope and love greater than before,” says Goss. “I want to start conversations about love and loss, anger and forgiveness, hope and fear, but most importantly integration, of self and of each other. And at the same time, I want to deliver the best batch of songs that I possibly could.”

You can find more information on Tom’s music and concert dates on his website “Back to Love” is also available on iTunes. From that we get “Til the End”.

On May 28 radio hosts Rob Williams and Arnie States spent more than 30 minutes making crude and dehumanizing comments promoting child abuse against transgender children. It began when they discussed a story about an Omaha family supporting their transgender child and her transition.

After GLAAD, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation issued a call to action, the radio station finally called back and promised Rob and Arnie would respond to their offensive segment.

GLAAD also spoke with with radio host Dawn Rossi who defended transgender people on the highly problematic segment.

On their follow-up show, Rob and Arnie failed to apologize for their remarks. GLAAD re-issued the Call to Action, and LGBT advocates made their voices heard through social networking and thousands of people from around the world contacted KRXQ and their advertisers. After nine advertisers pulled their ads, the radio station finally took notice and they suspended the show until Thursday June 11th. For the most up-to-date information visit

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Episode 3: Mitchell Gold & Jake Walden

Episode 3 of Nathan OUTloud features an interview with the author and editor of the book Crisis: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain and Trauma of Growing Up Gay in America, Mitchell Gold.

In 1989, Mitchell Gold and his business partner, Bob Williams, created a furniture company in Taylorsville, North Carolina. Today, Gold and Williams head a nationally recognized company Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.

In addition to running a $100M company, he plays a major role in the national dialogue on gay rights. In December 2005, he established Faith in America, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people about how religion-based bigotry is used to justify discrimination against gay people.

Mitchell has been recognized as a major force for good in the fight for gay rights by numerous organizations, including: The Human Rights Campaign: Board of Directors for seven years and Nov. 2007 Equality Honoree, Palm Springs. National Black Justice Coalition: April 2008 Leadership Award. Out magazine: April 2007, “Top 50 Most Powerful Gay People in America” list. Gay Men’s Health Crisis: March 2007 25th Anniversary Dinner Honoree. The Advocate magazine: 2006 “People of the Year Award” for Faith in America. Vox Vodka + Out: 2004 Vox/Out Voices of Style + Design Award.

Mitchell’s work for gay rights has forged friendships with prominent members of the gay community–and led to a number of them wanting to join him in creating his recently released book entitled “Crisis: 40 Stories Revealing the Personal, Social, and Religious Pain & Trauma of Growing Up Gay in America.”

You can also find more information on the book at

After the interview with Mitchell I share more about my coming out story, and how reading “Crisis” and speaking with Mitchell has made me reevaluate my coming out journey.

In an interview with artist Jake Walden we learn about the inspiration for Jake’s debut album “Alive & Screaming”.

As you hear in ‘For Somebody’, Jake’s soaring, melodic, heartfelt music, coupled with his distinctively emotive velvet gravel voice is both intensely personal and universal. According to Jake, “I want to be as raw and truthful as I can. When I’m playing a show, I try and engage myself fully with every person, as if it were just our time.”

“If I haven’t made half of the audience cry, not out of sadness, but out of hope, then I haven’t done my job, or lived up to my dream. I am trying to inspire them to remember what it is they are seeking.”He pauses and smiles with a look of heartache, ” For hope is so easily swept away by the storms of our lives.”

More information can be found at Jake’s website

This week I am asking that you take action on “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. You may have heard the news lately a lot of coverage of the discriminatory “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy of the US military. My good friend and fellow podcaster Kathy of “Thoughts from a Lezzymom” had great coverage of this topic on her recent episode. It was her suggestion, and I am asking that each of you take action this week, and call the White House and ask that the President live up to his campaign promise and repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”. You can reach the White House by calling (202) 456-1111.

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Episode 2: Meghan Stabler, music by Lee Waters & Hate Crimes Legislation

Episode 2 features a coming out story by Meghan Stabler:

After an impressive 25 years leadership in I.T., she took on her toughest challenge and transitioned openly in the workplace at BMC Software. At BMC she helped establish understanding, communication and policies within the company to support global diversity and credits her co-workers and company DNA culture for LGBT support throughout the company.

Meghan is a past board member to the National & International Center for Missing and Exploited Children. She currently serves on the board for; AIDS Foundation Houston, Human Right Campaign’s National Business Council, HRC Steering Committee’s of both Houston & Austin, President Obama’s National LGBT Policy Committee, AETNA Healthcare GLBT Advisory Board, PRIDE Houston Board, Out and Equal Workplace Advocate’s Conference Committee.

As a nationally recognized spokesperson and activist Meghan has appeared globally on the television, radio and print media representing a number of industry and board related issues. Meghan has used her no-nonsense approach to advise a number of international governments, including members of the US Senate and House of Representatives. In June 2008 she submitted written testimony to Congress on Transgender Workplace issues. Meghan’s courageous story is an example of authenticity and of being able to Come OUT | Be OUT | Live OUTloud.

This episode I am featuring a song by singer/songwriter Lee Waters. The song is titled “Virginia” and as Lee explains was inspired by the remarks made by Rep. Virginia Foxx’s remarks in Congress during the debate on the Matthew Shepard Act. Lee has committed to donating all proceeds from the song to the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

Click here to download the song. Lee’s other music can be found on his website:

Take Action: Contact your Senators to ask that they support the Matthew Shepard Act. Visit for more information.

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Episode 1: Introduction to Nathan OUTloud

Episode 1 of Nathan OUTloud is a brief introduction to the host of Nathan OUTloud, Nathan Treanor. Nathan shares part of his coming out story, including the first time he ever told anyone he is gay. Nathan also shares when he came out to his mother.

In the news: Nathan talks about the tragic news of two 11 year-old boys who, after being bullied and tormented in school, needlessly took their lives. The heartbreaking stories of Jaheem Herrera and Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover shed light on the importance of anti-bullying curriculum in schools. Also, the Human Rights Campaign released the new “Welcoming Schools” Program – information at

Spotlight Artist: Maria Daines and her song “The Staffie Song”. As a dog lover, Nathan shares a song about the importance of dog rescue and how every animal deserves a chance at a loving home. Music courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network. Also check out Maria Daines online.

Take Action: Congress is currently considering Federal Hate Crimes legislation that would expand protections to LGBT Americans. Learn more at – where you will be able to contact your members of Congress and also share a moving video by Judy Shepard. Judy’s son Matthew was killed 10 years ago in a brutal attack because he was gay. Since Matthew’s death, Judy has not given up the fight to ensure that Matthew’s death was not in vain and that current Hate Crimes protections are expanded to include members of the LGBT community.

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