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KarCast is has ceased production, please listen to our archived episodes for great car talk!

KarCast is hosted by longtime friends Jacob Barros and Dave Cathey. Both Jake and Dave have been car enthusiasts for years and now they get to bring their love of all things auto and their opinions to their audience! KarCast covers all things automotive, from the latest trends, reviews, opinions, news and a whole lot more. Joe Dugandzic, technical producer of a few of QTalk Arizona’s shows, often sits in and offers opinions. KarCast comes out bi-weekly to monthly, and is heard exclusively on QTalk Arizona.

KarCast #10: 2012 New York Auto Show

KarCast -- Automotive News and Reviews with Jacob Barros and Dave CatheyIn this the 10th episode of KarCast your automotive duo discuss the outrageous NY auto show, some tid bits from the Beijing auto show and we throw down some serious numbers. Hot rods, hot hybrids including the new Ford GT1000, Lamborghini Urus, the new plug in Prius and a special new EV…all that and more on KarCast!

KarCast #9: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

KarCast -- Automotive News and Reviews with Jacob Barros and Dave CatheyIn this episode of KarCast our dynamic duo discus the one and only 2012 Geneva Motor Show and all its wondrous
concepts.  Vegas might just be your next destination for the green hell. Cadillac beats out BMW and Lincoln finally moves away from being an over priced Ford.  All that and more, only on KarCast!

KarCast #7: Big News at 2012 Detroit Auto Show

KarCast with Jake Barros and Dave CatheyThe 2012 Detroit Auto Show presented many exciting cars in the first weeks of January 2012. Some of these include the Dodge Dart, and all new Ford Fusion including a plugin-hybrid version touting 100 mpg-e, which would make it the highest rated plugin hybrid so far. Other notable cars include a long awaited all new Acura NSX, Cadillac ATS, the all-new face for the Lincoln MKZ, and something Toyota is calling the NS4 which is claimed to be a hint at the new Rrius.  Exciting news for the automotive world, we cover it all in Episode 7 of KarCast…listen for all this and more!

KarCast #6: The Super-Light Episode!

KarCast with Jake Barros and Dave CatheyOn this installment, we answer a question from one of our listeners, and also talk about everything ‘light.’  What does that mean?  Talking about BMW’s new laser headlight system, talking about making cars lighter for efficiency, Honda Civic Hybrids are too ‘light’ on MPG promises and the Mercedes E Superlight.  Plus, all the latest from around the automotive world and talking about the upcoming Detroit Motor Show.

Topic list for this show:

–Preview of the 2012 Detroit Motor Show

–A look at BMW’s upcoming laser lighting system

–Chat about the 2013 Audi A1 Quattro — only 333 units!

–Saab files for bankruptcy

–Tesla Model S full details and pricing info released

–China ends support of foreign investment for their auto industry

–New study reveals just how much added weight & power has reduced vehicle efficiency

–The Doge Dart is back!

–Ford promises big Lincoln relaunch with totally new MKZ Sedan

–Honda Civic Hybrid owners sue Honda over MPG claims

–The Mercedes E Superlight

KarCast #5: 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show

KarCast with Jake Barros and Dave CatheyOn this edition of KarCast, we’re giving you the low-down on both the recent Phoenix Auto show and also the enormous Los Angeles International Auto Show.  We’ve got a run-down of our top 10 list of brand-new cars that debuted in LA recently, plus a few of our thoughts on each of them.

Also, we’ve got the latest news from around the automotive world:

–The 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

–BMW’s M Product Development Head wants to develop their own car

–Mercedes is going to bring back the straight six.

–GM shows off Chevy Spark’s domestically-produced electric motor

and more!

Don’t forget to email us with your questions, comments on our shows and potential topics/ideas for future shows!

KarCast #3: Silk Seats, For Real?

KarCastIn episode three of KarCast we talk about BMW, Lexus, and Infiniti’s new releases in addition to talking solar for your Ford and GM EVs.  Mercedes puts in silk, and Hyundai is bringing the hurt and completing their line up.  EV charging stations start popping up in the Valley.  All that and more on KarCast.

KarCast #2: Drive Slow, Get Fined.

KarCastIn this week’s Episode 2 of KarCast, the crew answer email questions regarding window tint, talk about muscle cars outselling hybrids, the new Prius Performance Pack, Chinese outrageous claims, BMW’s new 4pot 5, and don’t slow that car down or you’ll get a ticket!  All this and more on KarCast.

KarCast #1: The Beginning…

KarCast with Jake Barros and Dave CatheyWelcome to KarCast where your hosts talk everything automotive, In this very first episode Jacob, Dave, and Joe talk about new liquid fuel for ev cars, the new Mercedes BLS,  quick charging rescue trucks and the Prius on track to becoming the number one selling model.  All that and more on KarCast.