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Call in to receive answers for your gay love life. Our hosts will tap into Spirit and intuition for your particular situation. You might receive a personal angel reading from Lisa Moore, DD. Rev Rick Shaffer, MDiv could help you lose some of your emotional baggage. Miss Reala-T hosts the live chat line with her honest, straight forward, practical drag queen advice. Your love life affects everything and everyone around you: your finances, your family, your romance, your relationships, your sex life, your spirit. Although we can not do counseling on the radio, you will receive some useful information to help get your life back on track. We do guarantee this is not your usual radio call-in advice show!

Gay Love #4: How do you know when it’s time to get married?

Gay Love with Rev. Rick and Dr. LisaHow do you know when its time to get married? How do you know you are truly in love for a lifetime? How do you prepare for a wedding? How do you “call it off ?” What are the spiritual signposts to help us in our relationships. Join Rev Rick and Dr. Lisa as we talk about gay weddings, gay relationships, and love love with Rev Rosann, an ordained non-denominational, spiritual minister who specializes in weddings.

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Gay Love #3: Quantum Sex!

Gay Love with Rev. Rick and Dr. LisaDo you believe you can use gay sex to travel to other dimensions in the universe? Is sex outside a committed gay relationship OK? What is good sex and bad sex? Join Rev Rick and Dr Lisa for an insightful discussion about QUANTUM SEX!

Listen to Gay Love LIVE on Sundays nights at 6 PT / 9 ET, only on QTalk America.