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Call in to receive answers for your gay love life. Our hosts will tap into Spirit and intuition for your particular situation. You might receive a personal angel reading from Lisa Moore, DD. Rev Rick Shaffer, MDiv could help you lose some of your emotional baggage. Miss Reala-T hosts the live chat line with her honest, straight forward, practical drag queen advice. Your love life affects everything and everyone around you: your finances, your family, your romance, your relationships, your sex life, your spirit. Although we can not do counseling on the radio, you will receive some useful information to help get your life back on track. We do guarantee this is not your usual radio call-in advice show!

Gay Love #14: LGBTQ Youth and Family Conflicts

Gay Love with Rev. Rick and Dr. LisaSuicide? Homeless? Depression? Conflict in your family about someone who is LGBTQ? Join Rev Rick Shaffer, outreach director for the LGBT Wellness Foundation; and Dr. Lisa Moore, CEO of the LGBT Wellness Foundation and founder of; as they interview Kourtney Stafford, CEO and Dr. Natasha Mendosa, therapist from the Youth and Families First organization. ( In addition to offering free therapy for anyone who has tension surround the LGBTQ community, our guests illumine some things to consider when you are coming out, if someone in your family has come out, if there is varying opinion between parents, alcohol or drug addiction, and many other family dynamics. It is a show you will want to forward to a friend as well.

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Gay Love #13: Gay Legal Issues

Gay Love with Rev. Rick and Dr. LisaThe hidden thing about DUI blood tests, if you are pulled over. What you should do if you break up with your partner. How do you handle disagreements with your family when you are in the hospital? Rev Rick interviews Bretton Barber of the Barber Law Group, who specializes in criminal law, as it relates specifically to LGBT relationships.

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Gay Love #11: Relationships and Crystals

Gay Love with Rev. Rick and Dr. LisaHere is an exciting program for you if you are having trouble in your life. Whether it is finding a new partner, frustration with work, something in your romantic relationship, there is a crystal which can help you out. Listen as Dr. Lisa and Rev Rick talk to Charles McAlpine, owner of Storm Wisdom about relationships and crystals.

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Gay Love #7 : Dissection of a Gay Break-Up

Gay Love with Rev. Rick and Dr. LisaIf you are breaking up your gay relationship, learn from this in depth study of one man’s journey. What is the difference between people who commit suicide, and those who survive a gay relationship break up? Tune in as Rev Rick and Dr. Lisa analyze this case, and all of the hidden spiritual aspects which drove this relationship to end.

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Gay Love #5 : No More Secrets

Gay Love with Rev. Rick and Dr. Lisa


Within the new spiritual energy on the planet, there are no more secrets. Everything is coming into plain sight. Learn what that means to you, if you are coming out to a loved one, or trying to hide something. Listen as Rev Rick and Dr. Lisa responds to real life situations on Gay Love.


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