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A totally fun, indulgent and tipsy show is “Cheers!” Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous. QTalk America re-launches it’s Food and Wine Show with a panel of casual foodies and winos who just want to share their love of good food and great wine! Joe Dugandzic, Claudine Wessel, Nathan Treanor and Meschelle Hornstein all bring different tastes, backgrounds, interests and knowledge ‘to the table’ for a culinarily diverse, and often times hilarious, talk show. Whether it’s a wine or restaurant review or perhaps taking some of the mystery out of the foods we eat on a daily basis, “Cheers!” will bring new and informative topics to each episode.

“Cheers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous” Season One Funniest Moments

If you’ve listened to “Cheers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous” previous shows, you know what happens when you put four foodies in a studio together with a few bottles of wine?  Reviews of local restaurants, culinary news, food and wine trends, and a heavy-handed sprinkling of hilarious one-liners, goofs and gaffes!  In less than ten minutes, we proudly present the most ridiculous, funniest and most hilarious moments from Season One!

“Cheers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous” is QTalk America’s very own monthly food, wine and lifestyle show.  Through all the innuendoes, laughter and one-liners, the cast of foodies and winos happen to dish out some awesome information about local eats and drinks, food and wine trends, recommendations, debunking food myths, in-studio experiments, out-on-the-town dinners and a whole lot more!  Each show is recorded LIVE in the QTalk America studios near downtown Phoenix, Arizona and the audience is invited to participate through the chat room and call-in options.

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Cheers! #12: Summertime Brain Freeze Reunion

Cheers! Eat, Drink and Be FabulousThe original and newer cast members of “Cheers!” get together for the one-year anniversary special episode and it’s truly spectacular!  Libbie Miller joins us as we take a trip down memory lane, the QTalk editing team (a.k.a. Joe) put together a ‘best-of’ reel that will keep you (and kept us) in stitches.

Oh, and yeah, did you notice the name change?  After a year, we decided to change it up, and we’ve got some other fun changes and additions to the shows coming up in the next few months.  But, the great parts of the show that you know and love are staying the same!

Claudine brings us some frozen treats to test the concept of “brain freeze” right on the show, Nathan re-counts his trip to Gay Wine Weekend 2012, we all try to keep track of the ‘Borat impressions’ on the show, Meschelle talks up local Farmers Markets, Claudine dishes on more restaurants from the ‘Postino’ family opening in CenPho soon, a preview of HRC’s Cook Phoenix and a brief review of Twirl and Sophie’s French Bistro. (expanded links coming soon)

“Cheers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous” is QTalk America’s very own monthly food, wine and lifestyle show.  Through all the innuendoes, laughter and one-liners, the cast of foodies and winos happen to dish out some awesome information about local eats and drinks, food and wine trends, recommendations, debunking food myths, in-studio experiments, out-on-the-town dinners and a whole lot more!  Each show is recorded LIVE in the QTalk America studios near downtown Phoenix, Arizona and the audience is invited to participate through the chat room and call-in options.

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“Queers!” #11: There goes the neighborhood!

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!The first time the show was ‘live’, we went completely off the rails more times than we could count!

Featured wine on the show: Stronghold Mandala White from Arizona Stronghold

Some stories and topics from this episode:

Nathan gloats about heading out to Gay Wine Weekend in Sonoma in a few days, and the rest of us are jealous!  For more info, check out our interview with the producers of the event!

Claudine reviews O.H.S.O. Eatery and nanoBrewery, located in east Phoenix.  Tasty eats and many brews on tap, but we wish the name stood for something more fantastic.  Check out Claudine’s official review in Echo Magazine.  Also, Claudine dishes on the imminent closure of Padre’s on Camelback.

What happened to the corner of 7th Avenue and McDowell lately?  We lost My Florist Cafe nearly two years ago, and then the redevelopment began and we’ve got nothing but chains, chains and more chains!  And, what’s up with two burger joints on opposite sides of the street?  You don’t want to miss our lively discourse on these latest developments.

Joe continues his ice cream report from last show and does the full review of Sweet Republic Ice Cream.  Located in northeast Scottsdale and owned by two best friends, the purveyors of this amazing ice cream make every flavor by hand everyday.  They celebrate their 4th anniversary Wed June 13 (tomorrow) and will have prizes and free ice cream, so head up there and check it out!  Whether you’d like a traditional flavor like Madagascar Vanilla or something a bit off the wall, like Honey Blue Cheese.  Trust Joe on this one, as a lover of ice cream, this is the most amazing ice cream you’ve ever had in your life!

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“Queers!” #10: What happens in the vineyard, stays in the vineyard…

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!On this tasty edition of “Queers!”, we raise our glasses to our newest official member of the clan, Meschelle Hornstein!  She has been a guest for several episodes and she decided to officially fill the 4th host spot that was Libbie Miller once held.  Speaking of Libbie, check out her recent presentation at Ignite Phoenix, all about her journey to becoming a Wino!

We’re super-excited to have Meschelle on-board, so let’s dive right into this edition of “Queers!”

Topics for this show:

Interview with Out in the Vineyard about the upcoming Gay Wine Weekend in California’s Sonoma Valley June 15-17.

Congrats to Meschelle for recently graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale!  She tell us all about her culinary school experience.

Claudine talks up Baratin, a new restaurant that just opened in Scottsdale from the culinary minds at FnB.

Joe chats about summer’s favorite food to keep you cool: ice cream!  Where did ice cream come from?  He relates some fun facts about this sweet treat and previews his upcoming review of Sweet Republic Ice Cream in Scottsdale.

Wines featured on this episode:

La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay and Imagery Estate Winery Dragonleaf Sirah

Queers! #9: Gourmet Pride Festival Food Mashup!

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be FabulousWe’re sad to report that Libbie has retired her microphone and will only be joining us on ‘special occasions’.  No, it wasn’t personal, she still loves us!  On this edition of “Queers!”, special guest Meschelle Hornstein returns.  Oh my , could she become a regular?  Only time will tell.

As usual, we forgot to intro ourselves, but you’ll figure it out by the end of the show (or see our page info on

The wine featured on this episode is Four Bears USA Sean Minor 2010 Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma County.  And it’s quite fruity and a perfect summer wine!  Thank you Nathan for supplying the vino!

Also speaking of summer, since we have seemed to skip spring once again, it’s time to talk citrus.  Joe explains where citrus came from, what you can really do with a lemon and what comes to our minds with we think of that yellow tangy fruit!

Claudine talks to us about the Fry Bread House, a hole-in-the-wall place that was nominated for a James Beard Award!  Quite a variety of, well, fry bread choices on the menu that should appeal to just about anyone–even our vegan guest Meschelle!

Nathan talks to us about his recent experience on the Big Gay Wine Train in Napa Valley and the upcoming Gay Wine Weekend in June.  For detailed info and a great interview with the event producers, check out this archived episode of Queers!

And to wrap it up, it’s Pride Season!  Phoenix Pride is this weekend and we hope to see all of you at our booth!!  Come enter to win a Lytro camera, but most of all, just come and hang out with us and check out some of our live video broadcasts that we’ll do from Pride!  We’ve got a parade entry and live commentary and, way too much going on.  Check our Facebook pages and the QTalk AZ home page for more details!

BUT, how can you make ‘pride festival’ food fabulous?  Can the non-gourmet be turned gourmet?  And yes, oh dear, we’ve got an answer to that very question!

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See you at Phoenix Pride!

Queers! #8: Size matters, after all

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous(Please note, there are some audio issues/annoying static in this episode during our ‘outburst moments’.  Ah, the wonderful combination of new recording equipment and a rowdy cast of characters!  But, we’ve got the problem solved for future shows.)

On this wild and crazy “Queers!”, accents break out in an around-the-world culinary tour, we talk with Joe Wilson, owner of our beloved Ticoz, Nathan dishes on wine glasses, Joe shares grilled-cheese-throwdown bites, Libbie pours on wines from far, far away and Claudine takes on a trip to Province!  Plus, we welcome our special guest Meschelle Hornstein from St. Francis–all this and a whole lot more on this episode of Queers!


Meschelle Hornstein

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@Nidocamen (Joe), @hollygolightly_ (Claudine), @winephx (Nathan) and oops, Libbie’s twitter account flew away!

(expanded show notes arriving soon…)

Queers! #7: Love, equality and…sniff, sniff…is that a campfire I taste?

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!That celebrated (or dreaded depending on your Facebook status), heart-shaped holiday is upon us, so listen in to hear which Valley venues made our best and worst list. What would you do if someone took you to the gay Denny’s to celebrate your love?  We even ask Siri for her recommendations!  And, for those of us who love Arizona, we can’t forget that Valentine’s Day this year marks the  Arizona Centennial — yep, we’re an even 100 years old!

The news coming out of Washington State gave the EDBF crew reason to raise a glass or two and toast to marriage equality. Our festive choice? Charles Smith Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon 08 is a delicious bottle from winemaker and Sammy Hagar’s doppleganger, Charles SmithCharles Smith

This month’s episode features a special guest, Derek Bryant, who is a visiting chef and micro brew aficionado from Albuquerque, New Mexico. In honor of the exciting news coming from the northwest, Derek brought us a selection of Washington State brews from Leavenworth Biers and Scuttlebutt Brewing Company, to butch up our beverage choices. Also, listen closely as he describes his latest creation, Bacon Cupcakes.

We thought that Libbie being under the weather would dampen the humor on the show, but as it turns out, she issues more one-liners and random outbursts that keep the whole group in stitches!

Rouge's Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple AleA great big special thanks to our new neighbors, Cactus Candy, for sending over a sample of a hometown favorite and a wonderful alternative to chocolates for your sweetie.

The troop rounds off the tasting with some Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale, yup, it is as interesting as it sounds. Tune in to hear the reactions, good, bad and ugly. Beer, it’s back to being for breakfast again.

Queers! #6: Street Eats Food Truck Festival, Big Gay Wine Train and more!

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!The word of this episode: Jamburrito!!

Your favorite food and wine show is back with an episode full of culinary and vineyard-y goodness!

Street Eats Food Truck FestivalComing up THIS SATURDAY in our own backyard, 30+ food trucks descend on Salt River Fields at Talking Stick for the 1st Annual Street Eats Food Truck Festival, presented by New Times!  Food trucks have become a gourmet phenomenon over the past few years, not to mention being helped by Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” hosted by Tyler Florence.  And speaking of Tyler, he’ll be making a special guest appearance at the Food Truck Festival on Saturday.  Aaron Studebaker from Salt River Fields gave us an awesome interview and talks about how the event came to be and gives us the inside scoop on what’s planned for this massive event.  And, you can WIN TICKETS to the event by answering the trivia question on the show and e-mailing us the answer–first person to email with the right answer wins!  A big thank you to Ronnie at New Times for getting us the tickets to give-away on our various shows!

The Big Gay Wine TrainNathan brings us a great interview with Mark Vogler from Out in the Vineyard about the upcoming The Big Gay Train that is calling ‘All Board!’ in March!  They invite you to join them for their exclusive ALL GAY Winemaker Dinner aboard the world famous Napa Valley Wine Train!  The event officially goes on Saturday, March 31: Enjoy an elegant, perfectly paired, five-course dinner in old world luxury, from Acclaimed Chef Kelly Macdonald.  Looking for more wine-related gay fun?  Check out their Gay Wine Weekend, June 15-17 in Sonoma Valley.


Claudine tells about the amazing experience that she had when she recently checked out Rice Paper, a relatively new Vietnamese restaurant in Central Phoenix.  This new gem has amazing Pho and also specializes in their rolls, which are made with a very thin wrapper (hence the Rice Paper name) which makes them somewhere in-between an egg roll and traditional sushi rolls.  Definitely put it on your list!

Girl Meets ForkJoe dishes about how he just came back from stuffing himself silly at Girl Meets Fork’s Pancake Quest 2012 — an ultimate showdown of eight local chefs vying for the honor of the best pancake in town.  I especially liked those from Orange Table, Smart Kitchen and Elemental Sugar.  If you’re curious about their pancakes from those three, here they are: Buttermilk pancake with fresh ricotta and prosciutto, Meyer lemon butter, ground cherry maple syrup; cream cheese-infused, reduced port wine pancake with fresh raspberry coolie; and grain-free, gluten-free pancake with mesquite flour, pochi berry with chai-infused butter. The event was hosted by Perk Eatery, who put out some pretty amazing spiced sweet potato pancakes with a praline bacon crumble and whiskey bourbon sauce.  An incredible event, to be sure!

Girl Meets Fork is run by foodie and PR gal Susie Timm and is a boutique marketing firm for the restaurant and specialty food industries.  She blogs on her site about food and loves to organize food-related events.  Check out her next event: The 2nd Annual Grilled Cheese Throwdown February 26 at the Hotel Valley Ho.

Last but not least!  Check out this month’s Places, Spaces and Faces Community Dinner on Saturday, January 21st from 6-9pm, at Kitchen Sink Studios in Downtown Phoenix.  PSF is a giant community ‘potluck’ dinner and features a different theme every month and brings the community together for a totally fun night!  Meet new people and discover foods and recipes that you may have never heard of!  Click this link for the official Facebook event.

Wine that we’re drinking on this episode: Callaghan Vineyards Grenache

Queers! #5: The Trouble with Trifle

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!Nope, there’s nothing really wrong with Trifle, but it IS a Star Trek geek reference!  Our holiday-themed episode has  great wine and champagne recommendations for you, along with holiday food traditions around the world, how to not completely kill your diet during this ‘season of eating’ and more hilarious one-liners than you can shake a stick at!

We share our own holiday memories with you on this very special show, plus, give the gift of QTalk Arizona this holiday season!  Tell a friend about our fabulous Food and Wine Show, plus our whole lineup of great shows on your local queer podcast network!

From all of us at “Queers!”, have a safe and joyous holiday season!

Joe, Claudine, Nathan and Libbie

Queers! #4: Great Wine Buys, Pumpkins Debunked and Surviving Thanksgiving!

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!OK, it’s not quite turkey day yet, but we’ve got a Thanksgiving-related show for you anyway!  Nathan gives us some great wine pics from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top 100, Joe debunks pumpkin, Claudine raves about Mu Shu Grill and Libbie pairs turkey and wine!  And, what does Siri recommend for your pumpkin pie fix?

Notes and helpful links form this episode:

Libbie and Nathan recall their adventures at the recent Wine Stomp in Southern Arizona.  We can tell you that they didn’t win, but they at least tried!


Nathan talks to us about some great inexpensive wines from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top 100.

Joe gives us the low-down on pumpkin through the ages and why it has become such a craze these days, plus other Thanksgivings around the world.

Claudine dishes about her experience at Mu Shu Grill — she just can’t say enough good things about it!

Is it possible to pair some wines with the venerable turkey?  Libbie’s got the full glass of information on that one!  Plus, is it ok to get a bit tipsy and relaxed to make the holidays go over well?  And how to do it with class and style!

What’s up with the new developments at 7th Ave and McDowell?  Is it ok that they are putting in national chains just to redevelop the area?  We’d like to see otherwise, but at least they are re-using existing buildings.

And to round out, we highly recommend buying local and supporting your independent shops and restaurants this holiday season, it keeps our local economy headed in the right direction!

From all of your tipsy hosts at your favorite food and wine show…

Have a safe, indulgent and truly ‘happy’ Thanskgiving!

Joe, Claudine, Nathan and Libbie