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Our totally irreverent and roller-coaster of a talk show…”All That Glitters” is hosted by Pandora DeStrange and Olivia Gardens, from the Arizona Gender Outlaws. The show is all about the drag scene, alternative performance, drag queens, divas and just about whatever might come out of the hosts’ and their guests’ mouths! You know, we’ve totally opened up a Pandora’s box with this one and who knows where it will go next!

All That Glitters is no longer in production – enjoy the previous glittery episodes!

All That Glitters #1: The Arizona Gender Outlaws

All That GlittersOn this very first episode, we’re introducing you to a whole band of outlaws — but not the type you might expect in Arizona.  Nope, this isn’t a new Wyatt Earp from Tombstone.  It’s the Arizona Gender Outlaws.  Your hosts Pandora DeStrange and Olivia Gardens are members and they invite several more members to the studio to chat about the drag scene in this state.  Constance, Jenn and Anya join in our lively and over-the-top discourse.

The Arizona Gender Outlaws are well known, and award-winning if we might add, for their wacky videos, huge production numbers and for their acts of Drag Terrorism.  Drag Terrorism?  What’s that?  You’ve gotta listen to find out!


Since it’s Halloween, it’s fitting to end the show with a special reading of a frightfully gay version of Little Red Riding Hood.  As only Pandora could portray!

Join Pandora, Olivia and many of the AZ Gender Outlaws for their over-the-top performances at The Rock, in the Melrose District of Phoenix.


Warning: This show is NSFW…you’ve been warned! :-)