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Our totally irreverent and roller-coaster of a talk show…”All That Glitters” is hosted by Pandora DeStrange and Olivia Gardens, from the Arizona Gender Outlaws. The show is all about the drag scene, alternative performance, drag queens, divas and just about whatever might come out of the hosts’ and their guests’ mouths! You know, we’ve totally opened up a Pandora’s box with this one and who knows where it will go next!

All That Glitters is no longer in production – enjoy the previous glittery episodes!

All That Glitters #11: Where’s Pandora?

All That GlittersThis month, Olivia and Edward are joined in studio by Aimee V. Justice and Gogo V. Berlynn. They revisit the subject of drag pageants and discuss “How long is TOO long?” Throughout all of the debating and discussion, one question remains unanswered….Where’s Pandora? Tune in to the next episode to find out!

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All That Glitters #10: Viva 2013!

All That GlittersThis month Pandora, Olivia, and Edward ring in the new year with Miss Gay Arizona USofA Saellah Vi. As she prepares to step down at the Miss Gay Arizona USofA pageant this month, Saellah shares her pageant experiences and dishes with Pandora on what it’s like to be the matriarch of a drag family. Tune in to find out what’s going on this month in the world of alternative arts throughout the valley!

Catch All That Glitters LIVE on the first Wednesday of each month at 5pm PT / 8pm ET, exclusively on QTalk America!

All That Glitters #9: Holiday Queertacular!

All That GlittersThis month Olivia, Pandora and Edward chat with the illustrious Celia Putty about her show 2 Girls One Cup. They dish with Scandalesque’s own Pyrrha Sutra about their new Holiday Show…Puttin on the Glitz and then are joined by Austin Head to talk about the upcoming End of Days Cabaret at The Crescent Ballroom. Plus, they chat about a bunch of other holiday fun to be had here in the Valley of the Sun!!! Check it out!

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All That Glitters #7: Nadya Ginsburg and DIVA

All That GlittersPandora, Olivia and Edward are back! In this episode we talk to The Woman of 1,000 Voices, Nadya Ginsburg. We chat about her show The Madonnalogues, working with Joan Rivers , High Colonics, Hairy Balls abd lots more. Then we chat with Miss Arizona America, DIVA and her 1st Alternate, our own hostess Miss Olivia Gardens about their upcoming jopurney to Nationals. Be sure to tune in next month to see who will be calling in…

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All That Glitters #6: Weeee’re back!

All That GlittersPandora Destrange and Olivia Gardens return to the studio from a too-long hiatus to discuss the goings-on in the Phoenix drag scene. This episode also welcomes Edward Castro, founder of to dish and discuss upcoming events.

The trio speaks with Josh Rivers, an extraordinary young man who shares his story as entertainers and individuals across the country help raise funds to assist with the cost of physical therapy. They also speak with Chad Michaels, drag superstar of Rupaul’s Drag Race fame, and find out his perspective on being on the show and his answer to the question, What can we expect from Rupaul’s All-Stars? Tune in to find out!

Catch All That Glitters LIVE on the first Wednesday of each month at 6pm PT / 9pm ET, exclusively on QTalk America!

All That Glitters #5: Sherry Vine is Living for This!

All That GlittersIn this installment, Pandora is the solo host in the studio, with her special guest Sherry Vine!  Roving co-host Olivia Gardens is somewhere at the Arizona Gay Rodeo–did she manage to rope a cowboy?

Sherry Vine is in town and made an appearance last night at The Rock promoting her new cable-tv variety show “She’s Living For This!” on here! TV.  The show will be a salute to the variety shows of yesteryear; Carol Burnett, Sonny & Cher, Donny & Marie – SLFT has musical numbers, dancers, sketch comedy, video parodies, special guests and more!!  Guests include; Mx Justin Vivian Bond, Peppermint and the legendary Joey Arias!!

Sherry Vine

Sherry Vine was born in The Amish country.  On her 16th birthday she discovered she was adopted and actually Jewish.  Running away from home and she became a “show girl” in Las Vegas before relocating to NYC where she has established herself as one of the leading ladies performing her all live singing and comedy show internationally on stage, TV and film. Miss Vine lived in Berlin from 2001 till 2005 and is now happy to be back home in Manhattan.

Check out Sherry Vine’s official website and jump over to the here! TV site for the 411 on “She’s Living For This!”

All That Glitters #4: Miss Millie and Miss Ebony tell their drag performance tales

All That GlittersListen this week as we talk to some major divas right here in our local community!  Miss Ebony has been doing drag for 47 years and her sister, Miss Millie Bloodworth, is transgender and has experienced quite a bit in her life so far — both here in Phoenix and in her roots of Motown.

Their stories are captivating since they have been in this community for so long and have seen so many changes.  And truly, Miss Ebony is one of the most seasoned drag queens that there ever was!  Miss Millie talks about her transition from male to female and how people and her family dealt with the process.

All That Glitters #3: Pageantry in Arizona

All That GlittersIn this episode of All That Glitters, we talk about Pageantry in Arizona. We spend time visiting with pageant promoters Mike Fornelli, promoter of the Miss Gay Arizona USofA and Miss Gay Arizona USofA Classic pageants, and Daniel Eckstrom, promoter of Miss Gay Arizona America. We also visit with current Miss Gay USofA Catia Lee Love! Find out what candy bar Daniel Eckstrom would be, and what toiletry item Mike values most-toothpaste, body wash, or toilet paper….only on this episode of All That Glitters!

All That Glitters #2: Venus DeMars

All That GlittersPandora and Olivia are back!  And this week we’re talking to legendary transgender artist and musician Venus DeMars.

Venus is stopping in Phoenix this week to perform at The Rock on Friday night January 13th.  Listen as she talks about the journey she’s made in producing her music over the years as we listen to tracks from her new album produced with All The Pretty Horses: “10 Bones.”  The album is available in both CD and vinyl, for those who appreciate the analog side of music.

Artist and Musician Venus DeMars

Songs from “10 Bones” played on this episode: Alchemy, Mercy, Damage and Razor Blades, Crashed Again, Comfortably Numb and Satellite.

Check out Venus DeMars’ official website to buy the new “10 Bones” album and follow her on Facebook.

Love iTunes?  You can get the album there too!