QTalk America Founder, Joe Dugandzic
Joe Dugandzic toasts to his final show produced at the QTalk America studios – August 2013.

Hi, I’m long-time podcaster and digital media producer Joe Dugandzic.  I started a new podcast in 2010 called QTalk Arizona that would ultimately be the foundation for QTalk America, a network of podcasts and live Internet radio and video streams for the LGBTQ community of the United States and beyond.  Over the course of several years, I personally built our network and attracted hosts and co-produced shows, created an iOS and cloud-powered radio production studio and online media infrastructure, and managed our marketing and PR.  But sadly, as the saying sort-of-goes, “some good things must come to an end.”  In early fall 2013, after several years and hundreds of shows, we just couldn’t “break through”.  I made the decision to close our beloved studio and make the network virtual, in the hopes that our show hosts would continue to use our online resources.  In the end, only one show remained, our most popular one (nope, not even my show!)

QTalk America Production Studio
The custom-built radio and Internet TV production studio at QTalk America HQ.

In early 2014, I transferred QTalk America ownership and management to Clayton McKee, who QTalk had helped re-launch his radio career.  His show, The Show with Clayton McKee, had quickly become #1 on the network after launching in 2012 and continues as the only remaining podcast and live Internet radio/video show on the network.

To ensure that the hundreds of episodes that were produced from 2010 to 2013 would live on, I launched this site and a YouTube channel to host all of the episodes, their show original notes and artwork.  A lot of time, effort and love was put into these episodes, and they will now be available for a long time to come.

Personally, what am I up to these days?  Occasionally, I still do a podcast with Babe Caylor (co-host of my show on QTalk and longtime friend), those usually show up on my personal YouTube channel.  Otherwise, I now have a regular series on YouTube called Smarter Home Life, where I cover news and the latest products in the “smart home”, and offer how-to help for home automation newbies.

Otherwise, follow me on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram