Joe and Babe #1001: Back On The Couch

The Joe and Babe Show

You see?  We told you we’d be back!

For our first not-scheduled-at-all podcast episode in the new era of QTalk America, Joe and Babe are back on the couch in Studio J and chat about all the goings-on since they last got together.

Babe went to Vegas, Joe went to NOLA, but what happened on those trips _stays_ on those trips!  Find out if Joe is turning into a lesbian, why he waited in line (again) for the iPhone 5[S], what they both think of all the political stuff that’s gone on since August, along with the news of a big, beautiful sign for the Melrose District on 7th Ave in CenPho.

All this and a lot more in this audio-only episode!  (We actually recorded video, but Joe screwed up the focus and the whole thing is blurry – so much forgotten after not doing regular podcasts!)