Joe and Babe #1000: Does It Really Get Better?

The Joe and Babe Show

We skipped a few numbers, since this is our last “regularly scheduled” episode, and it’s time to “go out” in style!

Before we get all crazy and stuff, our guest on this “last” episode is Dr. Patrick Grzanka from Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State University.  He’s an Honors Faculty Fellow (read: Professor) and is an interdisciplinary social scientist, with specific work in gender studies, queer studies and the relationships between science and sexuality, among many others.

We talk with Dr. Grzanka about his recent article regarding the It Gets Better Project and how the media tends to shine the spotlight on event(s) and then society tends to turn those news stories into massive undertakings.  Specifically, gay teen suicides have always been occurring, but only the media putting a spotlight on it made society take it to the next level.  And, more controversially, race plays into this as well…for all the details and the great discussion, listen in!  (Here’s the link to his upcoming book he discussed during the show.)

We had the Studio A Lounge filled with fans watching and listening LIVE, which was awesome, plus our good friend Dixe Flatline stopped by to be our fabulous mixologist for some great beverages!  And, man-about-town (and the network) Clayton McKee stopped by to break up the psychological discussion and move the show in a more festive direction.  You’ve gotta watch or listen for all the fun!!!

And so yes, it’s our last regularly scheduled episode.  From here on out, we’ll produce episodes periodically and when they might be of interest to the community at large.  In fact, the QTalk America studio complex is closing, but the network continues to live on and some of your favorite shows will continue to be produced on a regular basis.

As the person who’s writing this post, and who also started QTalk America several years ago, I’d like to thank everyone who has been involved who has given their time, energy, talent and resources to making QTalk America into what it is today.  And especially, to our ‘core group’ which includes Clayton McKee and my wonderful co-host and friend Babe Caylor!

Please continue to check out QTalk America and its shows and help us work on building this incredible LGBT talk media network!

Thank you,

Joe Dugandzic
QTalk America Founder