Equality Radio #022: DOMA & Prop 8 special coverage

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013 was the day when two major decisions were handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States regarding DOMA and Prop 8. Both went in favor of marriage equality.

Today’s show was expanded to four hours and moved to an earlier time slot (8a PT). We wanted to be sure you had a forum to express your thoughts as history unfolded around us.

No doubt this was a huge moment in LGBT history, and Equality Radio on QTalk America was here for you—so we could all share it together!


8:19 to 8: 27 – Shaun Knittel with Social Outreach Seattle

8:33 to 8:45 – Jesse Melgar, Communications Director for Equality California

8:49 to 8:57 – Josh Stein, Stein Family Wines

9:06 to 9:15 – Paul Guequierre, Deputy Communications Director, HRC

9:19 to 9:28 – Josheph McCormick News Editor, Pink News UK

9:33 to 9:45 – Tim Curran, Veteran LGBT Radio News Anchor

9:49 to 9:57 – Rebecca Wininger, President of Equality Arizona

10:06 to 10:15 – Kevin Hamm, Rally organizer, Helena Montana

10:19 to 10:28 – Thalia Zepatos, Freedom to Marry spokesperson

10:33 to 10:45 – Clayton Marsh, Central Coast Gay and Lesbian Associasion (GALA)

10:49 to 10:57 – Listener Calls

11:06 to 11:15 – Greg Hernandez, Greg in Hollywood

11:19 to 11:28 – Denis Dison, Chief Mkt Officer, Victory Fund

11:33 to 11:45 – Courtney Joslin, Law Professor, UC Davis School of Law

11:49 to 11:57 – Listener Calls


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