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TechnoBabble #27: What Will It Take To Wow Us?

TechnoBabbleIs it a bigger screen on a smartphone?  A smaller one on a tablet?  How about a campfire pot that can charge your iPhone?  What truly is the next gadget or ‘leap’ in technology that will wow us?  Have we become bored with the current state of personal electronic gadgets?

Special guest Chris Kurtz co-hosts as Brad is off this week.  Chris talks up the new Android-only augmented reality game “Ingress” and excitedly reports on progress of getting electrical vehicle charging stations at his home in downtown Phoenix.

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Workin’ It OUT #2: Ear Candy and Chicken Wings!

Workin' it OUT with Ernesto and GeneWeek #2!   This week comedians Rachel Hinton and Mili stop by the show. Our receptionist Tristan fills us in on celebrity news and the hilarious Ray Howard calls in to report on Beyonce’s super bowl performance. On the phone we get a special surprise from mama Evangelista!  Nate’s mom calls into the show and makes our resident ear candy blush. Our special guest is comedian Kirsten Alberts. Learn how Kirsten went from being a percussionist to becoming one of the hottest comedians in AZ!

You see Kirsten perform live every Sundays at 7:30p in the Evil Mean Wicked Comedy Show at Long Wongs in Tempe, AZ.  You can also follow Kirsten on Facebook at

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Joe and Babe #105: Liz Carmouche is OUT in the UFC

The Joe and Babe Show

This week, we’re talking with Liz Carmouche, the first openly lesbian MMA fighter in the UFC.  Liz served in the marines in Iraq and that was the very beginning of her coming process.  She came out to a good friend after leaving the military, and that helped change her friend’s opinion of LGBT people it helped Liz with her own coming out process.  Listen as she tells her story, talks about her life in and out of the ring and about her upcoming UFC fight on February 23rd.

Liz Carmouche

Beyond the interview, Joe’s talking this week about the 100th anniversary of Grand Central Terminal in NYC, his experience seeing N2T’s local production of Equus and Babe brings us up-to-speed on events surrounding Black History Month 2013.  Listen-in for all the usual fun!

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Workin’ It Out #1: Show Premiere!

Workin' it OUT with Ernesto and GeneThe Workin’ It OUT comedy podcast premiere has arrived! It is a hilarious episode with an hour of gossip, guests and of course comedy.  Meet Ernesto, Gene and the entire cast of the Workin’ It OUT show.  On today’s comedy filled show we have the talents of Kenny Beham, Nate Evangelista, and Ray Howard.  Our special guest is author and comedian Dina Kucera.  Learn how she went from battling depression and drug addiction to sharing the comedy stage with the legendary Ellen DeGeneres. Learn more about Dina at


Today’s show is sponsored by TLA Video.  Visit and use the promo code: qtalk for 10% of your order.  Hurry – offer expires at the end of February.