TechnoBabble #26: SkyTran is Personal Rapid Transportation (yes, for real!)

TechnoBabbleOur long-awaited interview with SkyTran CEO Jerry Sanders is the subject of this week’s show.  Never heard of SkyTran?  Essentially, it’s “The Jetsons” made into reality – no, not actual flying cars but high-speed, non-stop personal transportation that is coming very soon a city near you.

SkyTran Vehicle

How can this be possible, you say?  Well, people generally don’t want to get out of their cars.  Existing public transit, which some would consider “efficient” is actually not efficient at all, when it comes to resources, costs and time.  If you could go from point A to point B, inexpensively, non-stop at up to 50 mph (inner-city, 100+ mph outside of city core) in your very own SkyTran vehicle that glided above the ground, why would you choose to travel any other way?

The first SkyTran systems are due to be installed in countries such as Israel and India within 2 years, where there has been great interest.  The US, not surprisingly, has been generally cold to the idea…but there is support in Mountain View, CA, near the home of SkyTran’s HQ.  Want SkyTran in your town?  Get on the SkyTran website and Facebook page and voice your support!  There will soon be a petition available to send to government and civic leaders to ask for SkyTran systems to be installed.  It’s time to quit putting in light rail and trolleys and use the technology that we have available to continue moving the human race through the 21st century and beyond.

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