TechnoBabble #25: CES 2013…3D is dead, but 4K is here!

TechnoBabbleCES 2013 was devoid of 3D campaigns this year, but yet 4K TVs were everywhere.  Is CES still relevant?  What were our picks?  Some notable headlines plus a review of AirParrot.

Many tech pundits this year were asking if CES was still relevant, or even needed anymore.  With Microsoft, Apple and others not even showing up…..why does anyone else need to go?  We talk about it and Joe gives his experience of attending CES in years past.

Our interesting picks from CES include Corning’s new “Willow” bendable glass (on the good side) and Panasonic’s bizarre 20″ tablet (on the bad side).

And…so 3D is dead?  Was it ever “alive”?  We think it’s been mostly a gimmick from day one.  But hey!  If you’re not interested in 3D, how about 4K?  It’s double the resolution of 1080p HD video and there’s almost no content available for it, but why don’t you get in-line to get yourself a 4K TV and be the first one on the block!  Let us know how it works out for you, if you’ve got $30k lying around for Samsung’s new 85″ 4K TV!

In recent headlines: Cisco is building a home automation box for AT&T, Susan Crawford says America is behind on broadband (duh!), Brad asks us Is time for six-legged meatballs? and a giant squid is seen in the deep sea for the first time on video.

Joe talks up his favorite new app on his Mac, AirParrot – wirelessly streams your Mac or Windows to Apple TV (without needing Mountain Lion!).  It’s extremely versatile and does more than what the built-in AirPlay Mirroring does in ML.

And, both Brad and Joe want to “Anostyle” their iPhones, but it’s just a bit too pricey!

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