Joe and Babe #99: World AIDS Day 2012

Joe and Babe LIVEIt’s the 25th World AIDS Day in 2012 and it’s time to look back on where our community (and the world) have been with the disease, where we are today and a promising future where there will be zero new infections and it will ultimately be eradicated.  It’s also the first day of December, where the weather continues to get colder and many people around the world tend to be a little more merry!  Listen for all this and a lot more on this week’s show!

NEXT WEEK: Tune-in, call-in and chat with us as we celebrate our 100TH EPISODE!  We want to hear from our guests that we’ve had on, friends and fans of the show to make it one to really remember!  We’re excited for next week and we’ll have some fun in-studio guests and news about exciting changes for QTalk America in 2013!

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