Joe and Babe #88: OUTdoors Gay Camp!

Joe and Babe LIVEWas there a gay camp to go to when you were a kid?  Well today, there is!  Camp Director Kado Stewart, along with one n ten Deputy Director Micheal Weakley and Program Manager Stacey Jay Cavaliere join us this week to talk about the upcoming 5th Annual OUTdoors! Camp.

So, what do you do at a gay camp for four days?  Hold hands and sing “kum ba yah”?  Frolick like fairies in the forest?  (Nah, Flagstaff Pride has that one covered heh)  Actually, there are numerous programs, classes and activities setup for the participants and they’ll be anything but bored!  We’d love to tell you what they are, but you should listen to the show to find out!  This year, nearly 250 LGBTQ youth from around the country will be heading to an sprawling site in Prescott over Labor Day weekend to connect, make friends, share stories and truly be who they are without worrying about what society thinks.

OUTdoors! CampTo learn more about OUTdoors! Camp, check out the official website, and don’t forget to learn about one n ten itself, the amazing LGBTQ youth service organization started nearly twenty years ago in Phoenix, Arizona.

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