Joe and Babe #85: Bring on the Mimosas!

Tim Bishop, Nathan Rhoton and Jim Ver Steeg

Well, you just can’t have Gay Sunday Brunch without the mimosas flowing freely, that point was re-confirmed on this episode! ;-)

It’s a double-feature show, we’ve got Nathan Rhoton and Tim Bishop in-studio, winners of the Dancing with the Bars 2012.  Tim worked as Nathan’s dance instructor for just over 8 weeks to prepare him for the event, it obviously worked, since they won.  They tell the story of how things progressed, Nathan’s “I can’t do this” moment and how learning to dance really engages a person.

And on the phone from his ‘secret mountain retreat’, we’ve got Jim Ver Steeg from the Gay Sunday Brunch podcast!  We talk to him about how the show started and his background as a journalist, and how it’s evolved into its present form.  GSB has had some great guests on lately and is really a fun show with Jim and his friends talking about news, current events and then there’s usually the interview segment.  You can hear Gay Sunday Brunch on Sundays on QTalk America at noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern, or download anytime from iTunes or the GSB website.

And, we introduce our new segment, the “Chick-fil-Update”, on what the hell is going on with those crazy roosters!

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