Joe and Babe #84: Lynn Ames tells it like it is

This week, we’ve got another awesome show for you with our special guest, Lynn Ames! Lynn Ames is an award-winning former broadcast journalist, former press secretary to the New York state senate minority leader, former public information officer for the nation’s third largest prison system, former editor of a national art magazine, and a nationally recognized speaker and CEO of a public relations firm with a particular expertise in image, crisis communications planning, and crisis management.

We chat with Lynn about her writing, journalism, love of sports and how she entered the journalism field (which also helped her writing!)  Lynn is such a multi-talented and traveled individual, one show just didn’t quite cover it all.  We’re pretty sure that she’ll be back.  Joe and Babe kept the usual banter to a minimum this week, but Joe did recount his story of falling out of a chair at Gay Skate this past week (yes, he actually does know how to skate!)

Find Lynn Ames on Facebook and Twitter, and of course, at her official website  Oh yeah, did we mention you should go get about 100 copies of each of her books?  (They make GREAT gifts!)  They’re available in paper and electronic formats, check them out (pardon the pun) at Phoenix Rising Press.

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