Compete Radio #306

Compete Radio

Clemency is the end result in the Roger Clemens case, but the jury’s still out on the likelihood that he’ll be welcomed in Cooperstown… Jerry Sandusky’s accusers rest their case, leaving the defense to paint a dusty picture of some accounts in the testimony… R.A. Dickey continues his r-a-diculous run of success with a second straight one-hitter that made him the first in the majors to win 11 games this season, while his team’s cross town rivals have won 10 in a row… Russell Westbrook and the Thunder need to put their best hooks forward to get Oklahoma City out from under in the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat… Anthony Hargrove’s agent tries to refute “bountygate” charges by claiming semantics are being deployed rather than focusing on the antics of other players in the NFL… and NIKE plants seeds in the fight against homophobia by bringing together groups to plan deeds at the first-ever LGBT Sports summit…

We’re dropping sports names and playing word games as we sum up and double down on these and other bullets on the week’s interest list in another Pride Month 2012 edition of COMPETE SPORTS RADIO!


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