Joe and Babe #79: Faith, Spirituality and You

Joe and Babe LIVEIt seems that faith and spirituality, particularly religion and churches, can be under attack these days.  With all of the negative sermons from preachers and even 14-year olds with radio shows, what gives with old-fashioned ‘church’ values?  Rev. Brad Wishon of No Longer Silent joins us this week to talk about these very topics.  Where is religion headed in the next 50 years?  Do we need spirituality in our modern technical age?  What about those who were ‘beaten up’ emotionally by religion in their younger years, can they connect and be spiritual in their adult lives?

Rev. Wishon speaks of a number of exciting events on the spiritual front coming this summer that you won’t want to miss, including Q Spirit at 1VCC.  Speaking of that, he also chats with us about the growth and change at One Voice Community Center, where he is heavily involved.  All in all, a great show this week, take a listen through iTunes or right here on the site!

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