Joe and Babe #78: A Chorus in the Studio!

Joe and Babe LIVEThis week, we’ve got three leaders of fabulous musical organizations in our very own community!  Scott Helms, Lucik Aprahämian and Keith Clark from Desert Overture, Arizona Women in Tune and Voices of the Desert (respectively).  We asked them to perform an impromptu concert, but they politely declined :)

These three amazing organizations, plus the Phoenix Metropolitan Men’s Chorus are about to come together for the We Are One concert on Sunday, June 24th. This is an unprecedented event where all four music organizations will unite in a truly amazing concert at Central High School in Uptown Phoenix.  We welcome them to our studio as we chat with them about their individual organizations and also the experience of coming together to make this concert a reality.  Plus, a little about this week’s news on D.O.M.A. being ruled unconstitutional by an appeals court and other goings-on around Arizona and the country.

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