Compete Radio #304

Compete Radio

It’s been a boon week for the Spurs and Celtics, and swoon time for the Rangers and Coyotes as the post-season pre-occupies fans of two sports… They’re over the moon in Indianapolis as Franchetti pulls a hat-trick, and singing a happy tune in Paris as Federer ties a record… A major boxing buffoon softens his anti-gay statements amid pressure from his sponsor, while a noted platoon of pro footballers speak out pro and con on the topic of a player coming out…  The sun shines and heat scorches on afternoons of LGBT softball in Atlanta and Philadelphia, while a Catholic conversion group thinks it’s an opportune time for a Philly-based conference designed to “cure” gays through sports…

We’ll keep you attune on all of these and other sports topics as we prepare for a very hot June full of gay pride and sports pomp, with or without rhyme or reason in true LGBT fashion… ON COMPETE SPORTS RADIO


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