Compete Radio #302: Summer is coming!

Compete Radio

One talented teenaged rookie bounces back from at-bat attack to make home run history… Two coasts feel excitement as hoops and hockey playoffs make for hot and hard nights in L.A. while Gotham glows with goals and grunts as locals face-off… Three cheers for a surprisingly open-minded pro-wrestler who has emerged via Twitter as an unlikely advocate for same-sex marriage… Four stories from the Advocate and feature ups and downs surrounding Out Games and other LGBT athletic events… and High fives to both Mr. and Mrs. Obama for their important words this week…

We’re counting the weeks till beach season, yet these stories have made an early splash in the world of sports, so don your Speedos and break-out that can of spray-tan, as you spend the next hour shaking the sand out of it all, LGBT style… ON COMPETE SPORTS RADIO


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