Joe and Babe #77: Obama endorses marriage equality!

Joe and Babe LIVEThis week, we start the show with a bit of chat about Obama’s ‘evolved’ stance on marriage equality and what it means for the upcoming election and our future marriage rights.  Clayton McKee is kind enough to engineer our show this week and chimes in on the equality topic and many others, including how he’s adjusting to his return to radio on his own show.

Our old friend Cheril Vendetti calls in to talk about her new cookbook that is nearly ready to go to print, we want you to give her $1 on her Kickstarter page so that the cookbook will become a reality!  Cheril Vendetti is a lesbian chef, comedian, mom and reality show star.

And among other topics on the show, it’s National Train Day!  Joe chimes in on his love of trains, how ‘the day’ got started and what the future of personal transportation might look like!

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