Compete Radio #301: This week brought to you by the letter H


Compete RadioLooks like this week is brought to you by the letter H, as…. Horse Racing fans “Have Another” mint julep on a record-setting Kentucky Saturday full of excitement and intrigue on and off the track… Hockey aficionados check their pacemakers, even in the wild and warm west, as the N-H-L post-season skates along… Hoop followers don their Spurs and love the Thunder as upset Mavs and downbeat Jazz go home while one surprising L. A. team makes things exciting in the N-B-A playoffs… Home Run enthusiasts in Anaheim and Flushing cheer loudly, despite a challenging week in baseball, as the character of at least one player and the fickleness of a group of fans come to the surface… and Hope takes center stage for LGBT athletes through vows, videos and vice-presidential verbiage…

Spring is here, but the fling might be coming to an end for some while the bloom is on the rose elsewhere in the sports world, and we’ve got the LGBT spin on all of it and more during the next hour … ON COMPETE SPORTS RADIO!


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