Joe and Babe #76: Curtt James wins the Lytro and the Supermoon wreaks havoc!

Curtt James Wins the Lytro Camera Giveaway!On this insanely short episode, the Supermoon has reigned down chaos on our studio equipment and even on guest scheduling.  We think we’ll do this all over again next weekend!  But, we did manage to get a few things done during the show!

Babe is out this week and Joe was flying solo.  Joe did the big announcement with Curtt James in the studio as the winner of our Lytro camera giveaway.  Congratulations Curtt!!  He and a friend came down from Prescott just to get the camera in-person and ‘on-air’ and we were thrilled that they made the trip!

The Supermoon affected our connection systems and thus wiped out any hopes for a broadcast today.  After later tearing the studio apart, our engineers got the system working again — but a bit too late!

We hope to bring you the interview with Poppy Champlin on Sunday’s “What The Hell in AZ?” with guest host Travis Edwards.  And other than that, Poppy and the Queer Queens of Qomedy will be at Stand Up Live at Cityscape this Wednesday night at 8pm.  Get tickets before they sell-out!

Also coming up, don’t miss two special screenings of Bullied To Silence, at the Phoenix Art Museum.  11am and 2pm on Sat May 12th with special intro commentary by Nicole Stanton.  And check out our interview with the filmmakers for more information!  Get tickets at