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Compete Radio #304

Compete Radio

It’s been a boon week for the Spurs and Celtics, and swoon time for the Rangers and Coyotes as the post-season pre-occupies fans of two sports… They’re over the moon in Indianapolis as Franchetti pulls a hat-trick, and singing a happy tune in Paris as Federer ties a record… A major boxing buffoon softens his anti-gay statements amid pressure from his sponsor, while a noted platoon of pro footballers speak out pro and con on the topic of a player coming out…  The sun shines and heat scorches on afternoons of LGBT softball in Atlanta and Philadelphia, while a Catholic conversion group thinks it’s an opportune time for a Philly-based conference designed to “cure” gays through sports…

We’ll keep you attune on all of these and other sports topics as we prepare for a very hot June full of gay pride and sports pomp, with or without rhyme or reason in true LGBT fashion… ON COMPETE SPORTS RADIO


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Compete Radio #303

Compete Radio

The Lady Pride bring pride to campus as the Hofstra women’s softball team continues its legacy of greatness with an honor it has never before received… the Liberty ladies are scorched by the Sun, not once but twice in teams’ home openers as the WNBA season kicks into gear… the Strength of the Spurs capsizes the Clippers in four, while the Thunder roars, the Heat bites back, and the Celtics and Sixers continue to seesaw through the NBA Playoffs… the Cunning Coyotes bite the broomstick with a single win over the ruling Kings who could ice it tonight in the NHL playoffs, while the Resolve of the Rangers pins the tail on the Devils — temporarily… the Determination of David Wright keeps him Mr. Right in the National League with his .400 plus average, while cross-town, some of the Yankee faithful start to reconsider their tithes… and the Inspiring I’ll Have Another does just that as he takes the Preakness, setting up the first triple crown possibility since Big Brown in 2008…

We’ll celebrate all of these great American attributes and more from the wonderful world of sports as a great American holiday draws near, so put out he flag, strike up the grill and turn up the volume as we spend the next hour chowing down on each morsel, garnished LGBT style… ON COMPETE SPORTS RADIO!


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Nathan OUTloud #14: Gay Wine Weekend 2012

The organizers of the Gay Wine Weekend, in Sonoma, California. Mark Vogler and Gary Saperstein join me to discuss wine, wine country and and being Out in the Vineyard. Mark and Gary have really out done themselves this year and it is only the second year for Gay Wine Weekend! Listen as they take you through all of the events of this incredible 3-day event. We also talk about the amazing wines we are drinking during the show from, Imagery Estate Wines, Benziger and Penfolds, all sponsors of Gay Wine Weekend.

Gay Wine Weekend kicks off Friday, June 15th, with a VIP Reception at the host hotel, El Dorado Hotel. Following the reception, there are three different winemakers dinners – two of which are already sold out.
The events continue on Saturday, with three different wine tours to choose from. Followed by the premier event of the weekend – The Twilight T-Dance at Atwood Ranch, under the stars and “Out in the Vineyard”. Followed by “Apres-T” After Party at El Dorado Hotel.
The weekend wraps up on Sunday morning with the Big Gay Wine Auction and Recovery Brunch at  Ramekins’s Culinary School & Inn, located just blocks from the town square of Sonoma. This will benefit Face to Face, Sonoma County AIDS Network.
For more details on Out’s in the Vineyard’s Gay Wine Weekend, visit
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TechnoBabble #17: Facebook finally goes IPO!

TechnoBabbleWe recorded this the night before Facebook’s, um, dud of an IPO, so we’re glad to have a little perspective as we’re posting it late.  We’ve got a great show for you with the latest tech news headlines, trends and rumors.  Follow the helpful links below from the show!

Fantastically FAST;cnetRiver

Green News / Environment

Space, The Final Frontier

Science News


Compete Radio #302: Summer is coming!

Compete Radio

One talented teenaged rookie bounces back from at-bat attack to make home run history… Two coasts feel excitement as hoops and hockey playoffs make for hot and hard nights in L.A. while Gotham glows with goals and grunts as locals face-off… Three cheers for a surprisingly open-minded pro-wrestler who has emerged via Twitter as an unlikely advocate for same-sex marriage… Four stories from the Advocate and feature ups and downs surrounding Out Games and other LGBT athletic events… and High fives to both Mr. and Mrs. Obama for their important words this week…

We’re counting the weeks till beach season, yet these stories have made an early splash in the world of sports, so don your Speedos and break-out that can of spray-tan, as you spend the next hour shaking the sand out of it all, LGBT style… ON COMPETE SPORTS RADIO


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“Queers!” #10: What happens in the vineyard, stays in the vineyard…

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!On this tasty edition of “Queers!”, we raise our glasses to our newest official member of the clan, Meschelle Hornstein!  She has been a guest for several episodes and she decided to officially fill the 4th host spot that was Libbie Miller once held.  Speaking of Libbie, check out her recent presentation at Ignite Phoenix, all about her journey to becoming a Wino!

We’re super-excited to have Meschelle on-board, so let’s dive right into this edition of “Queers!”

Topics for this show:

Interview with Out in the Vineyard about the upcoming Gay Wine Weekend in California’s Sonoma Valley June 15-17.

Congrats to Meschelle for recently graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Scottsdale!  She tell us all about her culinary school experience.

Claudine talks up Baratin, a new restaurant that just opened in Scottsdale from the culinary minds at FnB.

Joe chats about summer’s favorite food to keep you cool: ice cream!  Where did ice cream come from?  He relates some fun facts about this sweet treat and previews his upcoming review of Sweet Republic Ice Cream in Scottsdale.

Wines featured on this episode:

La Crema Sonoma Coast Chardonnay and Imagery Estate Winery Dragonleaf Sirah

Joe and Babe #77: Obama endorses marriage equality!

Joe and Babe LIVEThis week, we start the show with a bit of chat about Obama’s ‘evolved’ stance on marriage equality and what it means for the upcoming election and our future marriage rights.  Clayton McKee is kind enough to engineer our show this week and chimes in on the equality topic and many others, including how he’s adjusting to his return to radio on his own show.

Our old friend Cheril Vendetti calls in to talk about her new cookbook that is nearly ready to go to print, we want you to give her $1 on her Kickstarter page so that the cookbook will become a reality!  Cheril Vendetti is a lesbian chef, comedian, mom and reality show star.

And among other topics on the show, it’s National Train Day!  Joe chimes in on his love of trains, how ‘the day’ got started and what the future of personal transportation might look like!

All that and more on Joe and Babe, heard every week on QTalk Arizona and QTalk America, join us at 1pm MT/PT and interact with the show as we record it!

Compete Radio #301: This week brought to you by the letter H


Compete RadioLooks like this week is brought to you by the letter H, as…. Horse Racing fans “Have Another” mint julep on a record-setting Kentucky Saturday full of excitement and intrigue on and off the track… Hockey aficionados check their pacemakers, even in the wild and warm west, as the N-H-L post-season skates along… Hoop followers don their Spurs and love the Thunder as upset Mavs and downbeat Jazz go home while one surprising L. A. team makes things exciting in the N-B-A playoffs… Home Run enthusiasts in Anaheim and Flushing cheer loudly, despite a challenging week in baseball, as the character of at least one player and the fickleness of a group of fans come to the surface… and Hope takes center stage for LGBT athletes through vows, videos and vice-presidential verbiage…

Spring is here, but the fling might be coming to an end for some while the bloom is on the rose elsewhere in the sports world, and we’ve got the LGBT spin on all of it and more during the next hour … ON COMPETE SPORTS RADIO!


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Joe and Babe #76: Curtt James wins the Lytro and the Supermoon wreaks havoc!

Curtt James Wins the Lytro Camera Giveaway!On this insanely short episode, the Supermoon has reigned down chaos on our studio equipment and even on guest scheduling.  We think we’ll do this all over again next weekend!  But, we did manage to get a few things done during the show!

Babe is out this week and Joe was flying solo.  Joe did the big announcement with Curtt James in the studio as the winner of our Lytro camera giveaway.  Congratulations Curtt!!  He and a friend came down from Prescott just to get the camera in-person and ‘on-air’ and we were thrilled that they made the trip!

The Supermoon affected our connection systems and thus wiped out any hopes for a broadcast today.  After later tearing the studio apart, our engineers got the system working again — but a bit too late!

We hope to bring you the interview with Poppy Champlin on Sunday’s “What The Hell in AZ?” with guest host Travis Edwards.  And other than that, Poppy and the Queer Queens of Qomedy will be at Stand Up Live at Cityscape this Wednesday night at 8pm.  Get tickets before they sell-out!

Also coming up, don’t miss two special screenings of Bullied To Silence, at the Phoenix Art Museum.  11am and 2pm on Sat May 12th with special intro commentary by Nicole Stanton.  And check out our interview with the filmmakers for more information!  Get tickets at

KarCast #10: 2012 New York Auto Show

KarCast -- Automotive News and Reviews with Jacob Barros and Dave CatheyIn this the 10th episode of KarCast your automotive duo discuss the outrageous NY auto show, some tid bits from the Beijing auto show and we throw down some serious numbers. Hot rods, hot hybrids including the new Ford GT1000, Lamborghini Urus, the new plug in Prius and a special new EV…all that and more on KarCast!