TechnoBabble #15: Zoom and Enhance Grid 9A! (The Lytro Episode)

TechnoBabbleOn this episode of TechnoBabble, yep, our secret is out!!  QTalk America teamed up with Lytro to create the 2012 Pride in Living Pictures Photowalk and a whole lot more!  Oh yeah, we do cover some tech stories on the show, but we’re honored to have an interview with Eric Cheng, Director of Photography at Lytro.  We talk about the technology behind Lytro’s amazing new light field camera, what it holds for the future (holodecks, anyone?) and even the reverse of a light field camera.

Come meet Joe and Bradly and all the hosts from QTalk Arizona at the Phoenix Pride Festival April 21-22, enter to win a Lytro camera and try out the Lytro at our booth!


Stories covered in the show: