Joe and Babe #71: Let’s Get Tan!

Joe and Babe LIVEKeith Lipman and Randy Eddlemon from Tan United and TU Collection join us in the studio to talk about how they became “The Tanning Guys” as they are known in various circles.  What are the myths, the hype and the real benefits from “smart tanning” — and is there even such a thing?  Plus, all about their recent addition, TU Collection, an attached clothing boutique that looks straight out of West Hollywood!

Also, we have a brief phone chat with Lee Whitman, writer/director of the award-winning film “War Stories” which was shown at the Out in the Desert Film Festival earlier this year.  A very ambitious film as his first feature, we talk with Lee about the inspiration behind it, his past and the future.  The film just made its debut on DVD and we highly recommend it.  Check the official website for trailer, details and how to buy!