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Joe and Babe #75: Ronnie Kroell just wants to be himself, plus a scorching Phoenix Pride weekend

Joe and Babe LIVERonnie Kroell, perhaps best known for his work on Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel and baring all for Playgirl, is our featured interview for this 75th episode of Joe and Babe — the original show on QTalk Arizona.  Ronnie hasn’t let the fame and popularity of late distract him from just being “Ronnie” and doing the great work that he does.  Oh, did we mention that’s he a super-sweet guy and totally adorable?  Listen to the interview that Joe recorded with him at last weekend’s Splash Bash event and learn more about Ronnie Kroell at his official website.

Ronnie Kroell

We want to thank everyone who came out to meet us at our booth at Phoenix Pride and who saw us in the Parade as we were doing our live broadcast.  It was a great ‘coming out party’ for QTalk at the festival and we were able to meet lots of new fans!  But, did you think it was a little too hot?  Would you have stayed at the festival longer or enjoyed it more if it had been in the 80s instead of the 100s?  What if Phoenix Pride was held in March?  Is that even possible?  What if the festival was held at Chase Field?  Or at the convention center?  Are we being good stewards of our desert environment by creating air-conditioned outdoor zones in a temporary festival setup, just because the festival has to be held in April?  We ask these and more questions, and invite you to chime in as well.  Send us an email and let us know what you think.  In the next few weeks, we’ll have Brandi Sokolosky from Phoenix Pride to chime-in on this very topic (she wasn’t available due to a Pride wrap-up meeting today).

Remember, you can hear us LIVE every Saturday at 1pm MST/PST right here on your gay talk radio station, QTalk Arizona!

TechnoBabble #16: Rubber Chickens in Outer Space!

TechnoBabbleOn this edition of TechnoBabble: Are we truly ready to plan a mission to Mars?  Why did NASA send a rubber chicken into orbit?  Who will Facebook buy next?  And can the ‘hover-pods’ from the Jetsons become reality?  All this plus the latest tech headlines and our ‘educated speculation’ on the show!

(Handy links below to stories covered and not covered on the show)

Fantastically FAST

New Segment: Guess That Acquisition!

Our best guesses on what tiny little company will be snatched up by a giant tech company for some astronomical price!  (with some comedy involved)

Space, The Final Frontier

Science News

Joe and Babe’s 2012 Phoenix Pride Parade LIVE Color Commentary

QTalk Arizona 2012 Phoenix Pride Parade Entry and Studio-On-Wheels

QTalk Arizona 2012 Phoenix Pride Parade Entry and Studio-On-Wheels

Color commentary?  Yeah yeah, it’s the podcast version of our LIVE broadcast, but still great fun!  We actually were able (with a few gaps) broadcast out to our streaming audio network from right from our ‘Studio-On-Wheels’–another first for QTalk Arizona!  Special thanks to listener Bill Barton who volunteered to drive us in his totally sweet Mini Cooper Convertible!  And thanks to Seth Anderson for being our official ‘marshall’ for the parade.

Queers! #9: Gourmet Pride Festival Food Mashup!

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be FabulousWe’re sad to report that Libbie has retired her microphone and will only be joining us on ‘special occasions’.  No, it wasn’t personal, she still loves us!  On this edition of “Queers!”, special guest Meschelle Hornstein returns.  Oh my , could she become a regular?  Only time will tell.

As usual, we forgot to intro ourselves, but you’ll figure it out by the end of the show (or see our page info on

The wine featured on this episode is Four Bears USA Sean Minor 2010 Sauvignon Blanc from Sonoma County.  And it’s quite fruity and a perfect summer wine!  Thank you Nathan for supplying the vino!

Also speaking of summer, since we have seemed to skip spring once again, it’s time to talk citrus.  Joe explains where citrus came from, what you can really do with a lemon and what comes to our minds with we think of that yellow tangy fruit!

Claudine talks to us about the Fry Bread House, a hole-in-the-wall place that was nominated for a James Beard Award!  Quite a variety of, well, fry bread choices on the menu that should appeal to just about anyone–even our vegan guest Meschelle!

Nathan talks to us about his recent experience on the Big Gay Wine Train in Napa Valley and the upcoming Gay Wine Weekend in June.  For detailed info and a great interview with the event producers, check out this archived episode of Queers!

And to wrap it up, it’s Pride Season!  Phoenix Pride is this weekend and we hope to see all of you at our booth!!  Come enter to win a Lytro camera, but most of all, just come and hang out with us and check out some of our live video broadcasts that we’ll do from Pride!  We’ve got a parade entry and live commentary and, way too much going on.  Check our Facebook pages and the QTalk AZ home page for more details!

BUT, how can you make ‘pride festival’ food fabulous?  Can the non-gourmet be turned gourmet?  And yes, oh dear, we’ve got an answer to that very question!

Shoot us an email at to suggest show topics, new dives that we should check out, wine you enjoy or just give us a shout-out!  Or you can leave us a voicemail at (888) 791-9294.

See you at Phoenix Pride!

Joe and Babe #73: Bullied to Silence

Joe and Babe LIVEThis week it’s all about bullying, or rather the fact that we’d like to see the problem of bullying be solved.  We had the opportunity to see the “Bully” movie this week ahead of its general release (locally at Harkins Camelview 5 through 4/19) and it is a very moving, powerful film that will have you going through the entire spectrum of emotions.  Bullying, of course, does not just happen to LGBTQ kids but is a larger problem.

Join us for a discussion on bullying in today’s world and why it has become an even bigger problem in recent years.  Our guest this week is filmmaker Susan Broude, producer/writer of “Bullied to Silence”, a very different look at the problem of bullying.  Broude chose to tell the story of the film directly through many youth who have been bullied themselves, including our own young LGBT rights activist Caleb Laieski.  Listen as she talks about the inspiration for the film and about her media company Purple People Inc, which produces short films, documentaries and publishes books to promote equality.

“Bullied to Silence” premieres at the Boston International Film Festival on Monday 4/16 and will be shown at the Sedona International Film Festival May 1-4, as well as in Phoenix at the Phoenix Art Museum on May 12.  For more details and showtimes, please visit

Saturday morning, join Joe and Babe for LIVE coverage of the Phoenix Pride Parade, our audio color commentary starts at 10:30am!

And, join us for “The Joe and Babe Show” LIVE via video from the Phoenix Pride festival.  Tune-in next week at 3pm at or just come by our booth, say “hi” and sit down with us for a quick chat!

Joe and Babe #72: Phoenix Pride Through The Years

Joe and Babe LIVEBabe is out this week, but Clayton McKee jumps in at the last minute and becomes our guest co-host.  Our guest this week is none other than Linda Hoffman, President of Phoenix Pride from 2001-2008 and widely credited with saving the organization after “The Storm”.  What’s her story, how did she get involved in Pride in the first place?

Well, we’ve got all that and more for you.  Linda’s been involved in our community ever since she moved here in the 1980s.  From AGRA to Pride to, well, she’s still involved with Pride these days…she played great roles in local community organizations.  She tells the story of how the local community ‘woke up’ after we almost lost Pride in 2001 and it started the transition to Phoenix Pride being the organization that it is today.  And ultimately, producing much higher caliber events and being a ‘force to be reckoned with’ in the community.

Speaking of Pride, don’t forget to look for Joe and Babe in the Phoenix Pride Parade on April 21, we’ll be broadcasting LIVE parade commentary from our ‘mobile studio’ starting at 10:30am at  And that’s not all!  Stop by our booth at the festival and enter to win a Lytro camera!  Plus, look for the ‘red hot’ Lytro camera with the Pride photo team and get your picture taken to be part of the 2012 Pride in Living Pictures Photowalk!  We here at QTalk are doing big things this year, so come be a part of it and we’ll luv you forever!

TechnoBabble #15: Zoom and Enhance Grid 9A! (The Lytro Episode)

TechnoBabbleOn this episode of TechnoBabble, yep, our secret is out!!  QTalk America teamed up with Lytro to create the 2012 Pride in Living Pictures Photowalk and a whole lot more!  Oh yeah, we do cover some tech stories on the show, but we’re honored to have an interview with Eric Cheng, Director of Photography at Lytro.  We talk about the technology behind Lytro’s amazing new light field camera, what it holds for the future (holodecks, anyone?) and even the reverse of a light field camera.

Come meet Joe and Bradly and all the hosts from QTalk Arizona at the Phoenix Pride Festival April 21-22, enter to win a Lytro camera and try out the Lytro at our booth!


Stories covered in the show:

Joe and Babe #71: Let’s Get Tan!

Joe and Babe LIVEKeith Lipman and Randy Eddlemon from Tan United and TU Collection join us in the studio to talk about how they became “The Tanning Guys” as they are known in various circles.  What are the myths, the hype and the real benefits from “smart tanning” — and is there even such a thing?  Plus, all about their recent addition, TU Collection, an attached clothing boutique that looks straight out of West Hollywood!

Also, we have a brief phone chat with Lee Whitman, writer/director of the award-winning film “War Stories” which was shown at the Out in the Desert Film Festival earlier this year.  A very ambitious film as his first feature, we talk with Lee about the inspiration behind it, his past and the future.  The film just made its debut on DVD and we highly recommend it.  Check the official website for trailer, details and how to buy!

KarCast #9: 2012 Geneva Motor Show

KarCast -- Automotive News and Reviews with Jacob Barros and Dave CatheyIn this episode of KarCast our dynamic duo discus the one and only 2012 Geneva Motor Show and all its wondrous
concepts.  Vegas might just be your next destination for the green hell. Cadillac beats out BMW and Lincoln finally moves away from being an over priced Ford.  All that and more, only on KarCast!