Queers! #8: Size matters, after all

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous(Please note, there are some audio issues/annoying static in this episode during our ‘outburst moments’.  Ah, the wonderful combination of new recording equipment and a rowdy cast of characters!  But, we’ve got the problem solved for future shows.)

On this wild and crazy “Queers!”, accents break out in an around-the-world culinary tour, we talk with Joe Wilson, owner of our beloved Ticoz, Nathan dishes on wine glasses, Joe shares grilled-cheese-throwdown bites, Libbie pours on wines from far, far away and Claudine takes on a trip to Province!  Plus, we welcome our special guest Meschelle Hornstein from St. Francis–all this and a whole lot more on this episode of Queers!


Meschelle Hornstein

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(expanded show notes arriving soon…)