Joe and Babe #68: This week, it’s Babe and Clayton!

Joe and Babe LIVEJust who knows what goes on when Joe decides to go on vacation?  You’ve gotta listen to this episode to find out!

Clayton McKee, voice of the ‘sounders’ on QTalk Arizona and no stranger to radio, fills-in for Joe as he was up in Vegas for the weekend getting some much needed R & R.  Babe and Clayton chat about some of the news this week and trends going on around Facebook, including the ‘Chick-fil-a’ religion hoax.

Clayton McKee

Other tid bits from the show: What to do on St. Patrick’s Day, which Smurf of Dwarf would you be,

A Bit of Babe: Audre Lorde

Important changes coming up starting Saturday 3/17: Our ‘live’ call-in shows will be using our own Shoutcast streaming service and a new online chat system, both of which will be available right on the QTalk Arizona and QTalk America websites.  New call-in number 888-791-9294 will also be effective Saturday 3/17.