Joe and Babe #67: Arizona Women in Tune

Joe and Babe LIVEThis week we chat with Arizona Women in Tune about their on-key organization and upcoming Spring concert.  Artistic Director Lucik Aprahamian and Executive Director Terry Gunn join us in-studio to talk about the state’s only ‘mostly lesbian’ choir.  ‘Mostly lesbian?’, you ask?  Well, they are very inclusive and you don’t have to be LGBT-identified or even female identified to join–although we’re sure they’d like it that way.

They share with us about the history of the organization and how they have evolved through the years, but still maintain a great many members who stay involved and love what they do.  We don’t, sadly, get a live performance — but then again, we didn’t ask for one.

Also, we discuss a little bit of the recent local news surrounding two lesbians who were asked to leave the District restaurant in downtown Phoenix.  It’s pretty early to know precisely what transpired and what the Sheraton will do to alleviate the tension that this has caused in the community, so we suggest that you find out the facts and watch things develop over the coming days and weeks.  Plus, Clayton McKee (from behind the board), chimes in with us on the recent spectacular (but a bit long) Pride Pageant last weekend.

On the next Joe and Babe, Joe will actually be absent — how is this possible???  Joe’s taking a vacation!  Clayton McKee joins Babe next week for “The Babe and Clayton Show” along with a surprise guest.

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