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Joe and Babe #70: Everybody is on vacation!

Joe and Babe LIVESpringtime weather is in full swing, and lately it seems that all the QTalk Arizona hosts have left for vacation!  This week, Seth Anderson and his sister Jenna fill-in for Babe Caylor.  Seth Anderson is no stranger to QTalk Arizona, having started the “What The Hell Is Going On In Arizona?” show last year.

Seth Anderson

We talk about a few stories in the news this week: DADT repeal proceeding smoothly despite “sky will fall” predictions, Israel’s new law targeting super-skinny models, NOM’s war on Starbucks and the student from Georgia who was removed from being student body president for pushing for a more gay-inclusive prom, among others.

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TechnoBabble #14: Flashback–OMG, Volume K is Here!

TechnoBabbleOn this week’s show, Brad admits to having a ‘fanboy moment’ and running out to get the new iPad on Friday while Joe sticks with his iPad 2.  We do actually manage to talk about non-iPad topics on the show, including talking about Windows 8 and the new Metro interface.  Does it excite us?  More importantly, does it excite you?  Oh, and did you have Encyclopedia Britannica when you were growing up?  Now it’s all-digital.  All this and much more on this edition of TechnoBabble!

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Rumors Abound!

iPhone 5????  “The new iPhone”???Major Discussion Points

Camcorder or smartphone or tablet?  Decisions, decisions…

Joe and Babe #69: Get your green on!

Joe and Babe LIVEIt’s St. Patrick’s Day on Joe and Babe as we dive right into our new live broadcast system and don’t experience many hiccups!  There’s Irish and green all around town today and throughout the weekend as that wonderful culture’s history is celebrated.

On this particular episode, Joe and Babe do a little catching up as Joe was up in Las Vegas last weekend (his first time away from the studio), taking a little bit about current events going on such as the anti-bullying bill recently killed in the Arizona legislature, the “I’m a moron” image spreading on Facebook and more discussion on news going on around town and elsewhere.

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Queers! #8: Size matters, after all

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous(Please note, there are some audio issues/annoying static in this episode during our ‘outburst moments’.  Ah, the wonderful combination of new recording equipment and a rowdy cast of characters!  But, we’ve got the problem solved for future shows.)

On this wild and crazy “Queers!”, accents break out in an around-the-world culinary tour, we talk with Joe Wilson, owner of our beloved Ticoz, Nathan dishes on wine glasses, Joe shares grilled-cheese-throwdown bites, Libbie pours on wines from far, far away and Claudine takes on a trip to Province!  Plus, we welcome our special guest Meschelle Hornstein from St. Francis–all this and a whole lot more on this episode of Queers!


Meschelle Hornstein

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(expanded show notes arriving soon…)

Joe and Babe #68: This week, it’s Babe and Clayton!

Joe and Babe LIVEJust who knows what goes on when Joe decides to go on vacation?  You’ve gotta listen to this episode to find out!

Clayton McKee, voice of the ‘sounders’ on QTalk Arizona and no stranger to radio, fills-in for Joe as he was up in Vegas for the weekend getting some much needed R & R.  Babe and Clayton chat about some of the news this week and trends going on around Facebook, including the ‘Chick-fil-a’ religion hoax.

Clayton McKee

Other tid bits from the show: What to do on St. Patrick’s Day, which Smurf of Dwarf would you be,

A Bit of Babe: Audre Lorde

Important changes coming up starting Saturday 3/17: Our ‘live’ call-in shows will be using our own Shoutcast streaming service and a new online chat system, both of which will be available right on the QTalk Arizona and QTalk America websites.  New call-in number 888-791-9294 will also be effective Saturday 3/17.

Joe and Babe #67: Arizona Women in Tune

Joe and Babe LIVEThis week we chat with Arizona Women in Tune about their on-key organization and upcoming Spring concert.  Artistic Director Lucik Aprahamian and Executive Director Terry Gunn join us in-studio to talk about the state’s only ‘mostly lesbian’ choir.  ‘Mostly lesbian?’, you ask?  Well, they are very inclusive and you don’t have to be LGBT-identified or even female identified to join–although we’re sure they’d like it that way.

They share with us about the history of the organization and how they have evolved through the years, but still maintain a great many members who stay involved and love what they do.  We don’t, sadly, get a live performance — but then again, we didn’t ask for one.

Also, we discuss a little bit of the recent local news surrounding two lesbians who were asked to leave the District restaurant in downtown Phoenix.  It’s pretty early to know precisely what transpired and what the Sheraton will do to alleviate the tension that this has caused in the community, so we suggest that you find out the facts and watch things develop over the coming days and weeks.  Plus, Clayton McKee (from behind the board), chimes in with us on the recent spectacular (but a bit long) Pride Pageant last weekend.

On the next Joe and Babe, Joe will actually be absent — how is this possible???  Joe’s taking a vacation!  Clayton McKee joins Babe next week for “The Babe and Clayton Show” along with a surprise guest.

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TechnoBabble #13: What lies beyond the iPad?

TechnoBabbleOn this episode, both “guys from the office” join us in-studio.  We’ve just learned about the Apple ‘event’ in San Francisco scheduled for next week, and we’re assuming that it will be the iPad 3 that will be revealed.  And, it will be the first product launch / keynote event since the death of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

But beyond just the news and the headlines, where are we really headed with all these portable devices?  Technology is racing toward catching up to sci-fi movies, but where is it taking us as human beings?  How will we interact with each other in the coming years?  And is that interaction, or lack of it, taking away part of our humanity?  We engage in a lively discussion on this very topic!


Here’s our helpful links and stories from the show:

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Off Beat

Kinect on shopping cart  (the future of grocery shopping at Whole Foods!)

Play AngryBirds with a real USB slingshot (not covered on show, but still pretty cool!)


Rumors Abound!

Apple sends out invitations for March 7 “iPad” event in San Francisco



Cool Android App “Is It Busy There” that a friend of ours developed