Joe and Babe #66: Host a Dinner, Save a Life. It’s time for SAVORlife!

Joe and Babe LIVEIt’s that time of year again!  We’ve got Kit Kloeckl in the studio to talk about Aunt Rita’s Foundation and their spring fundraiser called SAVORlife.  The concept is simple: invite your friends over for dinner (or out to eat), have them make a donation to Aunt Rita’s and then you attend the fabulous SAVORlife Soiree at the end of March!  Plus, we talk a bit about the news and current events this week, and give our picks for the Oscars!

Of course, there’s usually more to it than that.  Kit Kloeckl is the Executive Director of Aunt Rita’s Foundation and talks about what the foundation actually does, how he decided to get involved several years ago and a bit of his own personal story.  New this year with SAVORlife is a contest (it involves getting someone new on-board to do a dinner) where you can win an iPad!  And, speaking of dinner, Kit encourages everyone to be creative.  Don’t limit yourself to just dinner, or specifically a meal.  Think outside the box and have fun with it!

SAVORlife PhoenixAunt Rita’s Foundation raises funds throughout the year for 20 local HIV/AIDS service organizations and also produces AIDS Walk Phoenix in the Fall.

Did we mention that we’re doing our own ‘dinner’ to fundraise for Aunt Rita’s and the SAVORlife event?  Come to our first-ever Listener Meetup on March 21 at Ticoz!

Use the following links for more information, to donate and to get started on your own dinner!  SAVORlifeAunt Rita’s Foundation