Joe and Babe #65: Andrew Jordan is Opening Doors in Arizona

Joe and Babe LIVEAre you tired of the bar scene?  What about the Internet?  Is your gay-dar on the fritz and you can’t locate anybody at the local supermarket?  Well, as it turns out, there IS an alternative!

Andrew J. Shainker, or Andrew Jordan, or A.J., or whatever the heck his name is — joins Joe and Babe to talk about Open Doors AZ, a new social organization for LGBT people that he created in late 2010.  Why did he do it?  See above reasons ;-)

Andrew Jordan -- Founder of Open Doors AZ

Open Doors AZ is a social activity group for gay men and women who live in Arizona. Every week Open Doors AZ gets together to eat, play and socialize. Open Doors AZ prides itself on diversity; membership is all inclusive, making it a great way to meet new people.

join us as we ask AJ how the group got started and what the road has been like nurturing a social group like this into existence and growing it.  Plus, we talk a bit about Whitney Houston’s passing, the marriage equality news turns to New Jersey this week and Babe talks a bit about Black History Month.

Check out Open Doors AZ at their official website and join the Meetup Group for upcoming events!