TechnoBabble #12: SOPA Be Gone!

TechnoBabble: Tech News, Trends, Reviews and More!On this edition of TechnoBabble, new QTalk Arizona production guy Patrick Gamble joins us as we talk about the latest tech headlines and rumors.  We also engage in a lively discussion on SOPA/PIPA and Internet censorship.  But also, we ask the question “how can the big copyright-holding media companies give us what we want so we can be legal?”  Easy — make all content available via streaming or ‘cheap’ purchase!

Join us for this great episode — here’s helpful links to stories that we cover in the show.

Fantastically FAST

For carriers, the iPhone is a bittersweet drug

Apple to reward employees with hefty product discounts

iPhone 4S helped Apple inch past Android last quarter

AT&T CEO blasts FCC bureaucrats for tanking its T-Mobile deal  (waa, waa!!)

Steve Jobs Ranks as #2 Innovator of All Time Among Young Adults

Apple’s supply tactics under fire

Fresh Local Tech

Obama talks tech jobs in AZ campaign swing

Arizona Heart: Three Advanced Technology Operating Rooms With …

Arizona SCITECH Festival / Geeks Night Out — Help QTalk AZ get a spot at RapidPitch, ‘like’ our video!

Space, The Final Frontier

High-def ‘Blue Marble’ photo of Earth

Science News

Cloak’s on you: Scientists create ‘invisible’ object (only invisible to microwave ovens!)

Off Beat

Flower power: Ford interiors made of tropical plant

Rumors Abound!

Rumor: iPhone 5 with 4-inch screen expected this summer 

Facebook IPO next week?


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