Joe and Babe #62: Get Fresh with one n ten (1n10)

Joe and Babe LIVEJoe and Babe go way back, and one n ten (1n10) had brought us together originally.  We’re proud to be supporters of one n ten as it charges forward to continue its awesome and much-needed work to empower today’s LGBTQ youth in metropolitan Phoenix.

Jeremy Schachter joins us today to talk about the upcoming one n ten Fresh Brunch at The Phoenician on Sunday, February 26th.  He’s the chair of the Brunch and he’s got the full scoop on the event.  He’s on a mission to raise $100,000 for the organization through the Brunch, and he wants you to help him by buying tickets!

one n tenWe also talk about one n ten as an organization, where it’s been and where it’s going.  Did you know that the YEP House (Youth Empowerment Project) is shortly moving to a brand-new location?  And that one n ten might even be opening a school?  How cool is that?!  We’re super-excited to see the great changes that continue at one n ten, and look forward to the future.

We were saddened by the recent teen suicide in Tennessee, and horrified by the statements made by Tennessee lawmakers afterward.  It is just irresponsible for public figures to make statements such that “gays are not healthy human beings” or that “only gay men can get HIV”.  In these times, the work that one n ten does is more important than ever.

Get tickets for the one n ten Fresh Brunch for yourself and your friends, or you can even sponsor a one n ten youth to attend the Brunch!  For more information on one n ten and to check out their brand-new website, just click here!