Joe and Babe #61: A New You in 2012!

Joe and Babe LIVEIt’s time for a whole new you!  We were expecting to have Chris from Tangible Tanning and Fitness, but we have to fly solo so we improvise!

What is it about fitness as a new year’s resolution?  And why do we often fail at accomplishing what we want with our fitness routines?  Could you be trying to over-do it?  Sometimes we set our goals too high.  But perhaps it’s about feeling comfortable with the body that we’re already in.

And speaking of fitness, we talk about the Two gay swimmers are among oldest Olympic trial qualifiers ever …

We also reflect on the tragedy from this past week that left two of our community, Savannah Stevens and Wes Eichsteadt, severely injured after an attack.  Our thoughts are with them as they recover.

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