All That Glitters #2: Venus DeMars

All That GlittersPandora and Olivia are back!  And this week we’re talking to legendary transgender artist and musician Venus DeMars.

Venus is stopping in Phoenix this week to perform at The Rock on Friday night January 13th.  Listen as she talks about the journey she’s made in producing her music over the years as we listen to tracks from her new album produced with All The Pretty Horses: “10 Bones.”  The album is available in both CD and vinyl, for those who appreciate the analog side of music.

Artist and Musician Venus DeMars

Songs from “10 Bones” played on this episode: Alchemy, Mercy, Damage and Razor Blades, Crashed Again, Comfortably Numb and Satellite.

Check out Venus DeMars’ official website to buy the new “10 Bones” album and follow her on Facebook.

Love iTunes?  You can get the album there too!