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Joe and Babe #58: Ace Lundon is Calling

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!We can’t believe it’s our last show of the year, and we saved a very special guest for last!  Ace Lundon hosts the Lundon Calling podcast every week, but that doesn’t really tell his story.  He’s a legend in his own right, and he has a never-ending lifetime of stories to tell.

Ace has been in the entertainment industry for decades, a radio host, managing editor of a national gay magazine and an activist for HIV/AIDS and other major issues of our community.  He’s even said to have psychic abilities!  Friends with superstars such as Mae West and Judy Canova, he produced the longest running monthly show in history that entertained the troops who were heading out for the Vietnam War — over 750,000!

Ace Lundon

Learn the bits and pieces of his life that aren’t mentioned anywhere in press releases or on his web site, as we also talk about the changes going on in our world today.  He truly is someone who ‘done it all’ and he has an opinion on just about everything–including using whatever words you need to in writing, and in life.  He tells us how he was let go from teaching an advanced writing class in a high school in South Dakota, for talking about “the masturbation of one’s mind”.  He used the term appropriately, but oh boy, the vice principal didn’t think so!

It was a lot of fun having Ace Lundon on our show, Joe had appeared on his show earlier and it was only appropriate to return the favor!

We’ll be back on our new day and time in 2012!  Join us LIVE at 1pm on Saturdays.  Our first guest on January 7th will be QTalk Arizona’s very own Seth Anderson.  He’s a recently-published author and we’re going to learn all about him!  Seth started the “What The Hell Is Going On In Phoenix” show here on QTalk Arizona.

Happy Holidays, be safe and enjoy this most wonderful time of the year.

Talk to you soon…!

–Joe and Babe

TechnoBabble #10: Top Holiday Tech Gifts

TechnoBabble: Tech News, Trends, Reviews and More!What are our picks for great gifts for that techie on your list?  A tablet?  A camera?  What to give?  We tell you our ideas for your list, plus the latest tech news, trends, rumors and more!

Here’s our helpful links to stories and articles mentioned in this episode:


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iPad 3 — New iPad due in February, says Citi analyst

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DHS abruptly abandons copyright seizure of hip-hop blog

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New gay and flirty ‘meet new people’ app BoyAhoy from Skout, and we think it’s better than Grindr!


Joe and Babe #57: Gay Relationships @ The Holidays

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!We’ve got the ‘power couple’ Micheal Weakley and Jimmie Munoz with us in-studio to talk about dealing with our relationships at the holiday season.  How to deal with families, different traditions and all the parties that you get invited to!

Micheal Weakley and Jimmie Munoz Jr.

Plus, we’ve got Joseph Gesulio from the GPGLCC to talk about this weekend’s Festival of Trees event!

Micheal and Jimmie also tell us how they make time for each other, whether it’s year-round or at the busy holiday season.  Micheal is the Director of Programs for 1n10 and Jimmie is the Project Manager for Phoenix Pride, so they both lead busy lives and are heavily involved with our LGBT community.  This too, plays into the dynamics of their relationship and they work with it quite well.

All four of us each share our little tips and ideas for making it a wonderful holiday season, whether you’re partnered, dating or single.  Just be happy with who you are and your life.  You never know what’s around the corner, so enjoy today for what it is.

Micheal also talks about his recent trip to Washington D.C. to work with NASTAD, an organization that works across the country in STD prevention and advocating for better sex education in schools.  We touch on Hillary Clinton’s historic speech yesterday on LGBT Human Rights around the world.

Queers! #5: The Trouble with Trifle

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!Nope, there’s nothing really wrong with Trifle, but it IS a Star Trek geek reference!  Our holiday-themed episode has  great wine and champagne recommendations for you, along with holiday food traditions around the world, how to not completely kill your diet during this ‘season of eating’ and more hilarious one-liners than you can shake a stick at!

We share our own holiday memories with you on this very special show, plus, give the gift of QTalk Arizona this holiday season!  Tell a friend about our fabulous Food and Wine Show, plus our whole lineup of great shows on your local queer podcast network!

From all of us at “Queers!”, have a safe and joyous holiday season!

Joe, Claudine, Nathan and Libbie

Joe and Babe #56: World AIDS Day 2011

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!Dr. Dina is our special guest as we talk to her about her work as a therapist and counselor in our local community.  Plus, we have a great interview with RJ Shannon from the AZ DHS on everything surrounding World AIDS Day.  Listen in for events going on and the latest with the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

Red Ribbon for HIV/AIDSHIV continues to infect new people everyday and the theme for 2011’s World AIDS Day is ‘Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections. Zero Discrimination. Zero AIDS-Related Deaths.’  Is it achievable?  You bet!  But we must all educate ourselves on the disease and other STDs and work to prevent it.  It is an incredibly preventable disease, and you just have to take the time to learn and then be smart about it.

Dr. Dina Evan hosts “The Dr. Dina Hour” on QTalk Arizona every Thursday night at 7pm with a LIVE call-in show on topics relating to relationships, depression, boundary issues and just about anything there is when it comes to trying to better connect with one another.

It’s now the holidays, so give the gift of QTalk Arizona — tell your friends about your favorite shows here on the network and help us grow!  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts! :)