Joe and Babe #54: Victory in Arizona!

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!Luis Garcia joins us in-studio as we talk about the great victories that happened last night in the elections!  Greg Stanton is now Mayor-elect of Phoenix and Russell Pearce all but conceded to Jerry Lewis!  Plus, many other victories for Democrats and progressive-minded people happened across the country.  Hooray for common sense and moving forward!

Luis Garcia

But, who the heck is this Luis Garcia guy?  He talks about how he’s become a community figure and why he’s so involved locally.  He just became the host and producer of our very own “What The Hell Is Going On In Arizona?” show and he’s doing a great job!  Check it out weekly!

Plus, other stories from around the web:

Jennifer Saunders to write Absolutely Fabulous movie

Justin Bieber: Is a Gay Ally Emerging?

There’s a little bit of everything in this show along with some great comments from our chat room!

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