Joe and Babe #53: Kiss My Cannoli!

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!Lesbian comedienne Cheril Vendetti joins us for a hilarious episode!

She’s been a stand-up comic, an author, a reality show star and emcee of Phoenix Pride!  She’s talking about her new reality show project set to debut very soon.  Plus, we’re talking about Halloween and all the latest with the mayoral runoff election.

Cheril VendettiCheril Vendetti has had a great career, and recently landed into the reality-show world.  Her partner gave birth to their child on ‘Deliver Me’ and now her new cooking-comedy reality-show is going to debut shortly called “Kiss My Cannoli”  She briefly tells us several memorable moments from her career…whether we believe her is another thing!  She kept us in stitches!

And, the local Phoenix Mayoral Run-Off Election is almost here.  The big day is Tuesday the 8th, but you can still mail in your early ballots.  Remember, everything starts local!  Check out our Chats with the Candidates series of podcasts to get to know both Greg Stanton and Wes Gullett.

More wacky fun (and her book) can be had at Cheril’s website and by following her on Twitter!