TechnoBabble #9: Sexy Thermostats Invade Your Nest

TechnoBabbleIce Cream Sandwich has launched, and we’re chatting our friend Chris Kurtz who loves Android and has the latest scoop on it.  He’s got a cool job working at the Mars Space Flight Facility for NASA, we’re envious!  Plus, the Lytro camera is a pre-order reality, and the coolest thermostat you’ve ever seen.  Plus all the latest tech headlines and rumors!

Some links wound up broken in our show notes, but we’re working to fix them.  Not all items were covered in this episode…

Fantastically FASTCopyright bill revives Internet ‘death penalty’
Flex it, baby! Nokia’s new UI is seriously twisted
Internet video consumption rivals basic cable
Giant Lego Man emerges from Florida sea
Nextdoor: First private social network for neighborhoods
Nintendo loses $1.3B in six months, report says
Facebook on Ice: New Data Center to Be Built Near Arctic Circle
Plane or wind turbine? Holographic radar knows
All aboard Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner

Fresh Local Tech

Gilbert, Ariz.-Based Heliae Presents Latest Algae Technologies for
ASU partners for 2012 Arizona SciTech Fest
APS Foundation Pledges $100000 to Renew Arizona Public Service …

Space, The Final Frontier

NASA Plan for Private Space Taxis Hasn’t Won Over Lawmakers
‘Doomsday’ Comet Elenin Is Dead, NASA Says

Science News

SiOnyx lasers blast solar cells to tweak efficiency
U.S. betting on concentrated solar

Off Beat

YouTube bares dilemma over ‘man boob’ videos

Rumors Abound!

iPad 3
iPhone 5
Next Android Version?
Apple TV

Major Discussion Points

Steve Jobs book (briefly)
Siri (briefly)
Lytro Camera
Nest Thermostat
Android Ice Cream Sandwich
New Samsung Phone
New Nokia Phones with Windows Phone 7 (Can Nokia’s Lumia phones make it in the U.S.?)
CrashPlan (Joe started using it — online version)


iOS 5 (iPad security bug, minor other issues, long time to install, but otherwise pretty damned perfect!)