Joe and Babe Show #51: Kathy Young is Lezzy-Activist-Super-Mom!

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!Kathy Young is someone who is heavily involved with activism and LGBT rights here in Phoenix and Arizona.  But how to juggle being so involved, being a mom, a partner, blogger and a few other things?  We get down to the details on this week’s show.

Even though she’s stepped away a bit from HRC recently, she’s still the co-chair of at least three committees.  Is that really ‘stepping away’?  She explains :-)

Kathy Young

Kathy talks about having her kids in school and listening as they get asked various questions by both educators and their classmates.  She tries to ensure that the schools are using diversity training in their curriculum, which will benefit everyone.  As being so engaged in our schools, she helped form the very first Gay-Straight Alliance in Arizona at Thunderbird High School.

Plus, we chat a bit about the recent Occupy Phoenix protest, about actor Zachary Quinto (The New Spock) coming out and Babe reveals she just might be a gay boy on the inside!

Be sure to check out Kathy’s website and blog at for her regular posts and thoughts, plus resources and links.