TechnoBabble #8: Remembering Steve Jobs

TechnoBabbleSteve Jobs created a company like no one else could, and it was truly ‘his’ company.  He changed not only the technology industry, but in doing so, he changed the entire world.  He died at a very young 56 last Wednesday.  Joe and Bradly on this special episode of TechnoBabble look back on Steve Jobs and recall our own experiences with Apple’s products over the years.  Plus, what does the future hold for Apple?  After the initial product ideas run out, who will actually create the new products?  What’s your opinion?  We want to hear from you too!


Steve Jobs

We also talk with Richard a.k.a. ‘That Guy From The Office’ to get his opinion as a non-Apple-fanboy.  He brings up a few valid points and tells his own experiences with Apple throughout the years.



Also, we have a few stories weaved in from the Tech Headlines from the past 2 weeks:

iPhone 4S sells out — One Million+ in one day!

Samsung and Google postpone Nexus Galaxy debut

Homeland Security Moves Forward with Pre-Crime Detection

Facebook launches official iPad App

Netflix reverses course, no Qwikster after all!


Steve Jobs’ 2005 Commencement Speech at Stanford — Very, Very Inspiring and Moving

Think Different Commercial (from our Show Open) Steve Jobs’ Tribute Version | Original Version

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