Joe and Babe Show #49: Tucson Pride and Dario Interview!

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!It’s a super-exciting show as we get the details of all the changes down in ‘The Old Pueblo’ for Tucson Pride!  Karen Bohlender, President of the organization, joins us to talk about the new nighttime parade in Downtown Tucson, the move to Kino Memorial Stadium for the festival and the fabulous parties going on surrounding Tucson ‘Pride In The Desert’.

International Recording Artist: Dario

If that wasn’t enough to draw your attention, we’ve got the headliner of Tucson Pride, who hails from Tucson originally, Dario!  Dario’s career got started at a very early age, three–to be exact, when he was singing and entertaining just about anyone who would be his audience.  Later on, after competing on such series as “Popstars 2″ and “American Idol”, he was discovered and his whirlwind career truly began.  He is currently on a National Tour, called “The Up Side of Down”, promoting his new album by the same name.  We ask Dario about his community involvement, what inspires him to create his music and who he truly is as a person.  Plus, shout-outs and questions from his fans!

QTalk Arizona will be in the Tucson Pride Parade and we encourage everyone to come out and attend this amazing event and the Pink Party afterward.

Also, we begin our “Coming Out Stories” campaign for National Coming Out Day and LGBT History Month.  We asked for your stories and you responded!  We’ll be recording more stories at the Tucson Pride Festival and they will also be placed on our shows during October.

For more information, visit the Tucson Pride website.  For more information on Dario and his music, check out his website.

Music played on this episode: “Fall Back” by Dario.