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All That Glitters #1: The Arizona Gender Outlaws

All That GlittersOn this very first episode, we’re introducing you to a whole band of outlaws — but not the type you might expect in Arizona.  Nope, this isn’t a new Wyatt Earp from Tombstone.  It’s the Arizona Gender Outlaws.  Your hosts Pandora DeStrange and Olivia Gardens are members and they invite several more members to the studio to chat about the drag scene in this state.  Constance, Jenn and Anya join in our lively and over-the-top discourse.

The Arizona Gender Outlaws are well known, and award-winning if we might add, for their wacky videos, huge production numbers and for their acts of Drag Terrorism.  Drag Terrorism?  What’s that?  You’ve gotta listen to find out!


Since it’s Halloween, it’s fitting to end the show with a special reading of a frightfully gay version of Little Red Riding Hood.  As only Pandora could portray!

Join Pandora, Olivia and many of the AZ Gender Outlaws for their over-the-top performances at The Rock, in the Melrose District of Phoenix.


Warning: This show is NSFW…you’ve been warned! :-)

Queers! #4: Great Wine Buys, Pumpkins Debunked and Surviving Thanksgiving!

Queers! Eat, Drink and Be Fabulous!OK, it’s not quite turkey day yet, but we’ve got a Thanksgiving-related show for you anyway!  Nathan gives us some great wine pics from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top 100, Joe debunks pumpkin, Claudine raves about Mu Shu Grill and Libbie pairs turkey and wine!  And, what does Siri recommend for your pumpkin pie fix?

Notes and helpful links form this episode:

Libbie and Nathan recall their adventures at the recent Wine Stomp in Southern Arizona.  We can tell you that they didn’t win, but they at least tried!


Nathan talks to us about some great inexpensive wines from the Wine Enthusiast Magazine Top 100.

Joe gives us the low-down on pumpkin through the ages and why it has become such a craze these days, plus other Thanksgivings around the world.

Claudine dishes about her experience at Mu Shu Grill — she just can’t say enough good things about it!

Is it possible to pair some wines with the venerable turkey?  Libbie’s got the full glass of information on that one!  Plus, is it ok to get a bit tipsy and relaxed to make the holidays go over well?  And how to do it with class and style!

What’s up with the new developments at 7th Ave and McDowell?  Is it ok that they are putting in national chains just to redevelop the area?  We’d like to see otherwise, but at least they are re-using existing buildings.

And to round out, we highly recommend buying local and supporting your independent shops and restaurants this holiday season, it keeps our local economy headed in the right direction!

From all of your tipsy hosts at your favorite food and wine show…

Have a safe, indulgent and truly ‘happy’ Thanskgiving!

Joe, Claudine, Nathan and Libbie

TechnoBabble #9: Sexy Thermostats Invade Your Nest

TechnoBabbleIce Cream Sandwich has launched, and we’re chatting our friend Chris Kurtz who loves Android and has the latest scoop on it.  He’s got a cool job working at the Mars Space Flight Facility for NASA, we’re envious!  Plus, the Lytro camera is a pre-order reality, and the coolest thermostat you’ve ever seen.  Plus all the latest tech headlines and rumors!

Some links wound up broken in our show notes, but we’re working to fix them.  Not all items were covered in this episode…

Fantastically FASTCopyright bill revives Internet ‘death penalty’
Flex it, baby! Nokia’s new UI is seriously twisted
Internet video consumption rivals basic cable
Giant Lego Man emerges from Florida sea
Nextdoor: First private social network for neighborhoods
Nintendo loses $1.3B in six months, report says
Facebook on Ice: New Data Center to Be Built Near Arctic Circle
Plane or wind turbine? Holographic radar knows
All aboard Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner

Fresh Local Tech

Gilbert, Ariz.-Based Heliae Presents Latest Algae Technologies for
ASU partners for 2012 Arizona SciTech Fest
APS Foundation Pledges $100000 to Renew Arizona Public Service …

Space, The Final Frontier

NASA Plan for Private Space Taxis Hasn’t Won Over Lawmakers
‘Doomsday’ Comet Elenin Is Dead, NASA Says

Science News

SiOnyx lasers blast solar cells to tweak efficiency
U.S. betting on concentrated solar

Off Beat

YouTube bares dilemma over ‘man boob’ videos

Rumors Abound!

iPad 3
iPhone 5
Next Android Version?
Apple TV

Major Discussion Points

Steve Jobs book (briefly)
Siri (briefly)
Lytro Camera
Nest Thermostat
Android Ice Cream Sandwich
New Samsung Phone
New Nokia Phones with Windows Phone 7 (Can Nokia’s Lumia phones make it in the U.S.?)
CrashPlan (Joe started using it — online version)


iOS 5 (iPad security bug, minor other issues, long time to install, but otherwise pretty damned perfect!)

Joe and Babe #52: They Came Out, You Should Too!

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!Babe is out this week, helping to judge 1n10’s Halloween Costume Contest, so Joe’s flying solo!  But never fear, we’ve got lots to cover!

This week, we’re joined by two of the five winners of the Phoenix Pride’s 2011 OUTdayPHX Creative Expressions Contest.  Pamela Anders and Erin Clawson both had unique entries in the contest and they also share their personal coming out experiences on this show.  Other winners Deanna Santarelli, Jason Green and Erin Whitney were not able to join us but we hope to talk with them on an upcoming show.

OUTdayPHX 2011Pamela Anders underwent the transition from male to female in the mid-2000s and recently published her book, “Gypsy Moon”, which details the experience of being a truck driver and going through the transition.

Erin Clawson recently came out, and this was her first full year attending Phoenix Pride and Rainbows Festival.  She loves to express herself through writing, and entered a beautiful poem in the OUTdayPHX contest.

Their stories and experiences are moving and unique, and we hope they will inspire you to move forward in your own coming out process.

Pamela’s book, “Gypsy Moon”, is now available through multiple retailers, but the best way to learn more and purchase it is at her website,


The Joe and Babe Show features longtime friends Joe Dugandzic and Babe Caylor and features guests from our local community.  You can hear the show LIVE every Wednesday night on QTalk Arizona.  Live listening links and more information is always available at

Joe and Babe Show #51: Kathy Young is Lezzy-Activist-Super-Mom!

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!Kathy Young is someone who is heavily involved with activism and LGBT rights here in Phoenix and Arizona.  But how to juggle being so involved, being a mom, a partner, blogger and a few other things?  We get down to the details on this week’s show.

Even though she’s stepped away a bit from HRC recently, she’s still the co-chair of at least three committees.  Is that really ‘stepping away’?  She explains :-)

Kathy Young

Kathy talks about having her kids in school and listening as they get asked various questions by both educators and their classmates.  She tries to ensure that the schools are using diversity training in their curriculum, which will benefit everyone.  As being so engaged in our schools, she helped form the very first Gay-Straight Alliance in Arizona at Thunderbird High School.

Plus, we chat a bit about the recent Occupy Phoenix protest, about actor Zachary Quinto (The New Spock) coming out and Babe reveals she just might be a gay boy on the inside!

Be sure to check out Kathy’s website and blog at for her regular posts and thoughts, plus resources and links.

Joe and Babe Show #50: 100th Podcast Celebration!

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!It’s time to celebrate!  Nah, not just that it’s National Coming Out Week, but it’s QTalk Arizona Week!

Our fabulous little podcast network has hit 100 episodes in total across our various shows and it’s time to break out the bubbly, take a trip down memory lane and talk to those who inspired us to create this very network!

Marc Felion and Fausto Fernós from Feast of Fun join us to talk about how podcasting has changed over the years, and what the future holds this new medium.  Marc and Fausto, partners of over 10 years, began Feast of Fun nearly seven years ago and produce five shows a week from Chicago, Illinois.  They have won four People’s Choice Podcast Awards in the GLBT category and are known around the world.  They essentially started the gay podcast revolution in the mid-2000s.

We also take some wonderful phone calls from around the country as we talk with former guests and someone who’s trying to heal the divide between the generations in his own community.

And, of course, since it’s National Coming Out Week, Babe and I both talk about our own coming out experiences and we hope that our stories inspire you to continue your own coming out process.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make QTalk Arizona a success thus far.  100 episodes?  Now we’re shooting for 1000, and we can’t wait to get there!

Talk to you next week!

Joe and Babe

TechnoBabble #8: Remembering Steve Jobs

TechnoBabbleSteve Jobs created a company like no one else could, and it was truly ‘his’ company.  He changed not only the technology industry, but in doing so, he changed the entire world.  He died at a very young 56 last Wednesday.  Joe and Bradly on this special episode of TechnoBabble look back on Steve Jobs and recall our own experiences with Apple’s products over the years.  Plus, what does the future hold for Apple?  After the initial product ideas run out, who will actually create the new products?  What’s your opinion?  We want to hear from you too!


Steve Jobs

We also talk with Richard a.k.a. ‘That Guy From The Office’ to get his opinion as a non-Apple-fanboy.  He brings up a few valid points and tells his own experiences with Apple throughout the years.



Also, we have a few stories weaved in from the Tech Headlines from the past 2 weeks:

iPhone 4S sells out — One Million+ in one day!

Samsung and Google postpone Nexus Galaxy debut

Homeland Security Moves Forward with Pre-Crime Detection

Facebook launches official iPad App

Netflix reverses course, no Qwikster after all!


Steve Jobs’ 2005 Commencement Speech at Stanford — Very, Very Inspiring and Moving

Think Different Commercial (from our Show Open) Steve Jobs’ Tribute Version | Original Version

How has Apple affected your life?  Leave us a voicemail at (440) 847-8255 or shoot us an email — we want to know!

Joe and Babe Show #49: Tucson Pride and Dario Interview!

The Joe and Babe Show -- LIVE!It’s a super-exciting show as we get the details of all the changes down in ‘The Old Pueblo’ for Tucson Pride!  Karen Bohlender, President of the organization, joins us to talk about the new nighttime parade in Downtown Tucson, the move to Kino Memorial Stadium for the festival and the fabulous parties going on surrounding Tucson ‘Pride In The Desert’.

International Recording Artist: Dario

If that wasn’t enough to draw your attention, we’ve got the headliner of Tucson Pride, who hails from Tucson originally, Dario!  Dario’s career got started at a very early age, three–to be exact, when he was singing and entertaining just about anyone who would be his audience.  Later on, after competing on such series as “Popstars 2″ and “American Idol”, he was discovered and his whirlwind career truly began.  He is currently on a National Tour, called “The Up Side of Down”, promoting his new album by the same name.  We ask Dario about his community involvement, what inspires him to create his music and who he truly is as a person.  Plus, shout-outs and questions from his fans!

QTalk Arizona will be in the Tucson Pride Parade and we encourage everyone to come out and attend this amazing event and the Pink Party afterward.

Also, we begin our “Coming Out Stories” campaign for National Coming Out Day and LGBT History Month.  We asked for your stories and you responded!  We’ll be recording more stories at the Tucson Pride Festival and they will also be placed on our shows during October.

For more information, visit the Tucson Pride website.  For more information on Dario and his music, check out his website.

Music played on this episode: “Fall Back” by Dario.