TechnoBabble #7: Faster Than The Speed Of Light!

TechnoBabbleBrad’s back in the studio for this edition of TechnoBabble, and we’re running a little longer than normal but still bringing you the tech news using our faster-than-light voices.   Got a question for us or feedback on something that we talked about?  E-mail us at or leave us a voicemail at (440) 847-8255!

Below is the rundown of the stories we’re covering in this episode.

Fantastically FASTFoldit game leads to AIDS research breakthrough

Whitman likely to getHP CEO nod today

Boeing finally delivers first 787 Dreamliner

Man builds social network using Atlantic Ocean

Fresh Local Tech

Solyndra bankruptcy may cause problems for First Solar (discussion point)

Got Old Technology? Free Recycling Day October 1st

Space, The Final Frontier

Orbit the Earth from the ISS!

Science News

Particles found to break speed of light (Warp drive, here we come!)

Scientists Can (Almost) Read Your Mind, Turn Thoughts into Movies

Off Beat

Study: Coffee Drinkers Less Likely to be Depressed

Rumors Abound!

What do we think that the new iPhone hardware will have (and iOS 5 extras?)?
(Official Announcement on Tues 10/4)

Major Discussion Points

Facebook re-design insanity.
Netflix and Qwikster


(first look) ‘Glif’  iPhone 4 tripod mount and stand (Crowd-sourced thru Kickstarter)